This project is supported by the Culture Programme of the European UnionThis project is supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union
SEPTEMBER 22nd 25th2011 Minsk, Belarus
Live video performers, visual artists and vj meeting


138 artists from Italy, France, Belarus, United Kingdom, Hungary, Russian Federation, Spain, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, India, Lithuania, Taiwan, Belgium, Vietnam, Mexico, Israel playing 85 performances, workshops and showcases.

5 / e

  • 512

    Poland, Poznan
  • ACF art color free

    Italy, siena, SIENA, POGGIBONSI
  • accneo

    Spain, Barcelona
  • an angelico

    Belarus, minsk, Minsk
  • arkaos

    Germany, Tuebingen
  • Azael

    Spain, Málaga
  • Byzond

    Belarus, Minsk, Germany, Reutlingen
  • Cadaver__Kage

    Poland, Warszawa
  • Cultact

    Lithuania, Kaunas
  • Computarte

    Italy, Roma, Brescia
  • Cyber Brothers

    Russian Federation, Moscow
  • colabaudiovisual

    United Kingdom, London
  • Diablos VJ

    Poland, Warsaw
  • dithernoise

    Italy, london

    France, Paris, Belgium, Brussels
  • digitaldollies

    Italy, palermo
  • Deep Crew

    Italy, trento/bologna/milano, Bologna
  • digitalistik

    Hungary, Budapest

    Belarus, Antwerp

    Mexico, Mexico City
  • eerie

    Hungary, budapest

F / L

  • Fabrizio D’Amico AKA vjhash

    United Kingdom, London
  • FAX

    Italy, Pisa
  • FLxER Team

    Italy, Roma, Bergamo, Rome, Salerno, Bologna, Spain, Salamanca, United Kingdom, Edinburgh, Vietnam, Saigon
  • Faceecho

    Hungary, Budapest
  • fru_studio

    Poland, Mannheim, Germany
  • Guillaume Martial

    France, Montpellier
  • gameover

    Spain, madrid
  • Gonzai

    Belarus, Minsk
  • Half-Machine

    France, Paris
  • JokdeFak

    Belgium, Gent
  • JLZ

    Italy, roma
  • Julia Koviasina

    Belarus, Minsk
  • justforentry

    Poland, Wroclaw
  • kostikanimal

    France, Caen
  • katafot

    Belarus, Minsk
  • KK,S

    Italy, Milano
  • Lab9

    Italy, Milano
  • lekernel

    Germany, Berlin
  • larsenfamily

    France, Pantin
  • Luminator

    Poland, Wroclaw

L / S

  • Louis Logodin & Sarah Magnan

    Belgium, Brussels
  • lightslights

    Italy, Empoli
  • Mathrioshka

    Russian Federation, Moscow, sevastopol
  • Marco Donnarumma aka TheSAD

    United Kingdom, Edinburgh

    Italy, Roma, Rome, roma
  • moreaDUB

    Spain, Barcelona
  • May/A

    Italy, Roma
  • marco

    Mexico, Paris, France
  • Nikky

    Italy, Roma

    Italy, Firenze
  • oht-fandreatta

    Italy, Rovereto

    Italy, mesagne
  • pavel ambiont

    Belarus, Minsk
  • pikilipita vj hero

    Poland, Zabrze, Wrocław
  • Perfected

    Belarus, Minsk, minsk, awdad

    Russian Federation, MOSCOW
  • pavel ambiont & solar olga

    Belarus, Minsk
  • rhythm_research

    Belarus, Minsk
  • Sínoca

    Spain, Barcelona
  • Scrag Aisedory

    Ukraine, Kyiv, Kiew
  • Shifted Vision

    Ukraine, Kiev, Kiyv

S / Z

  • solar olga

    Belarus, Minsk
  • Specchio asimmetrico

    Italy, cento, Bologna, San Giovanni in Persiceto
  • tenpoint_vs_skein

    Ukraine, Kyiv, kyiv
  • tvsuicide

    Russian Federation, saint-peterburg

    Italy, Roma
  • Vytas Realtime

    Lithuania, Vilnius
  • VEhF

    India, Kolkata
  • vj_eletroiman

    Spain, Barcelona
  • vjemiko

    Poland, Wroclaw
  • vanmyke

    Mexico, Mexico City
  • Vodka Jugend

    Lithuania, Vilnius, Kaunas
  • vj Kat4er

    Ukraine, Kiev

    Belarus, Minsk
  • VitaliyHarmash

    Belarus, Minsk
  • wuianski

    Taiwan, London
  • Yokai Lab Bonsai Beat

    Israel, Tel Aviv
  • Yarkus

    Ukraine, Kiev
  • YUME

    Poland, gdansk, Gdansk
  • Zambari

    Poland, Gdynia
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