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LPM 2012 Rome | “Ségnàlo”: mapping-photowriting by Verbo

January 28, 2012, 11:30 am
January 28, 2012
Università Sapienza, Rome | Italy
Università Sapienza, Rome | Italy

Saturday, 28 january 2012 in conjunction with the launch of the call for artists for LPM 2012 Rome, LPM presents  Ségnàlo”, the new work of VERBO, who returns after the surprising success of the photowriting performances Plotterflux, with a site-specific installation in the heart of the San Lorenzo district of Rome.

“Ségnàlo”is a game on words. Of words written on the wall, and signs and signals which  paint and pixels bouncing off each other in the urban context, in a site-specific work that is both pictorial and video. The canvas is represented by the facade of the Department of Psychology, renewed in the urban context, to become itself a work of street art.

VERBO, multimedia street artist, investigates and experiments in avant-garde’s methods, always searching for the mechanisms of dialogue: a dialogue between the sign of the material spray and the shining sign of the digital video; a dialogue between the lettering’s evolutions, whic is a  characteristic of graffiti’s culture,  and the video mapping techniques.

A remix that disrupts these labels and brings to the  eternal reflection of Itself in the given context. “Ségnàlo” is a site-specific installation dedicated to graffiti,running from a mural painted with spray and roller, on which is made a mapped relief and, where the artist realizes an animation projected back into the palace, using the light as a medium of animation.

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