Edition XVII May 12nd - 14th 2016 | Amsterdam
Live video performers, visual artists and vj meeting

LPM 2015 @ roBOt Festival 07

October 1, 2014, 8:00 am | October 5, 2014, 8:00 am
October 1 - 5, 2014
Palazzo Re Enzo, BolognaFiere, MAMbo Museo D'Arte Moderna di Bologna, Bologna | Italy
Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna | Italy
BolognaFiere, Bologna | Italy
MAMbo Museo D'Arte Moderna di Bologna, Bologna | Italy

LPM attends the the 7th edition of roBOt festival, international event dedicated to digital art and electronic music which takes place each autumn in the city of Bologna.


Moderat / Ricardo Villalobos / James Holden / Jon Hopkins / Moodymann / Mathew Jonson / Apparat / Gold Panda / Actress / Factory Floor / Jackmaster / Craig Richards / Martyn / Legowelt  / Luke Abbott / Sons of Magdalene /Populous / FaltyDL / Lawrence / Official / Roly Porter / Wife / Copeland / Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit / Torn Hawk / LONE. / James Ferraro / Valentin Stip / Fort Romeau / Godblesscomputers / Go Dugong / Dorian Concept / K-Conjog / Livity Sound Live / JOLLY MARE / CLAP RULES / Deejay Marfox / Memoryman aka Uovo / Vaghe Stelle /  Christian Löffler / Dark Sky and many more…

Special A/V projects:
Quiet Ensemble / Antonello Ghezzi / Jonathan Monaghan / Icaro Zorbar / Mattia Casalegno

LPM will actively participate to the night program by presenting a live video mapping on Palazzo Re Enzo  facade, on Friday 3rdOctober, by Ricardo Cancado aka Vj Eletroiman.
Eletroiman is the winner of Mapping Festival VJ Contest 2014 and 9 times winner of VJ Torna during LPM Cape Town 2014, LPM Rome 2013, LPM Mexico 2013, LPM Rome 2012 , LPM Rome 2011. He’s also the organizer Visual Brasil Festival and the founder of Hybrid Project 

VJ Eletroiman represents Corisco, Oxossi and Macunaíma, characters of Brazilian culture that claim for political resistance and a constant discussion of a Brazilian identity.The objective of this project is to rethinking the video from its conjugation with other techniques. This idea of convergence allows a dialogue between various techniques, composing a hybrid language that is being developed from the beginning of 2003.

#LOSTMEMORIES is the payoff of the edition: thanks to the new technologies, the process of construction of memory – always centered on the activities of learning, developing and forgetting – enriches and produces hybrid forms of digital storage, where the boundaries between public and private are blurred and where technology and social practices are dynamically and reciprocally connected. However, the “dark side” of Internet needs to be considered when it affects the ability of memory to act as a bridge between past and present, it shapes individual identity or it strengthens social cohesion within a community.

The 2014 edition of roBOt Festival distinguishes itself with structural news concerning locations. The town clubs that hosted the night events of the festival during the weekend are giving way to a new and stand-alone space, which is important for its dimensions and characteristics, and will be supplied by BolognaFiere, one of the main European fair organizers.

As always, the diurnal base will be located in the historical centre of the city, in Palazzo Re Enzo; while MAMbo, after last year’s fortunate intuition, confirms and increases its contribution to the festival: it will host the activities promoted during the artistic residency of Icaro Zorbar, and will once again be the ideal location for roBOt Kids, the laboratory dedicated to kids, realized with MAMbo’s Educational Department, supported by the Del Monte Foundation which has believed in the value of the project since last year’s edition.

info, full program and tickets www.robotfestival.it

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