MAY 28th 31st 2009 Brancaleone Rome, Italy
Live video performers, visual artists and vj meeting
May, 31st 2009, 10:59 am |
May 28 - 31, 2009
Brancaleone, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy


LPM – Live Performers Meeting
The LPM project was born in 2004 with the aim to answer to the need for creating a space-temporal referential field where to meet, know each other and share vjing related experiences. Nowadays LPM is an international meeting dedicated to artists, professionals and passionates of veejaying, visual and live video performance.

LPM 2009 closed its seventh edition with a smash hit, expanding locations and contents. An historical location, the Brancaleone in Roma, hosted the four days of the Meeting, with a broad program of A/V performances, workshops and showcases of projects, softwares and cutting-edge products. Four days, each one focused on different basic themes: Digital Freedoms, 8 Bit/Eletrropop, Breakbeat/Techno/Electro, Visual Genders.

For the Digital Freedoms session, dedicated to digital freedoms: the exhibition of the first works submitted to the contestRomaEuropaFAKEFactory, curated by ArtisOpenSource and Marco Scialdone and the official preview of MUV, festival of digital arts, electronic music and audiovisual experimentation, with the Vjsets by InFlux and A.C.H. pluse the AV performances by Cassino&Laben, The Clover, and the djset of Ponz.
Among the many Vjsets VADE, video artist and eclectic software developer – researcher for the NYU’s Brooklyn Experimental Media Center (New York, USA) and DUBASSY, video artist and vj active in the international clubbing scene since more than 7 years (Barcellona, Spagna).

For the Elettropop/8 bit session: the official preview of Electrode ’09, with Sonic Visioneer and Misantropeak, the AV performance by LeCollagiste – an historical and fundamental charachter of the french and international Vj scene. VJ, motion designer, blogmaster and developer – and the workshop by Pikilipita – a duo of artists coming from French-Switzerland living in London, who create original animation with their cartoons and their own self-designed VJ softwares working on different non-conventional: at the moment their favourite platform is the “Sony Playstation 2”.

For the BreakBeat/Elettro/Techno session: the performance “Minimo Sazon”  by The International Chiles and Case of Emergency by MedeaElectronique – a collective of artists who since many years explore innovative process in music, video, design, paintng, multimedia, and interactive technologies, operating in diverse context, such as multimedia theater pieces, electroacoustic compositions and the interaction between human being and robotics.

Visual Genders is the basic theme of the last day, with visuals dedicated to the Queer world and to the fleeting border among sexual genders. Among the main charachters: the AV performance by Nihilista – a trio based in London whose work blends “old school performing techniques” and vjing. Nihilista identity was born in the London queer culture, inspired by the street life and night clubbing in the Big Smoke London, with a magic combination of dirty rock’n’roll and electro drag queen burlesque. The Vj set of Boxicus a visual artist, queer activist and co-founder of Sabotage project. His Vj sets propose a strong critic towards topics like pornography, consumism, desperation and alienation.


Besides the relevant news of this year has been the introduction of many workshops held by some of the international artists who took part in the meeting: PUREDATA (Italy/Spain) promoted by Husk, artist participating in the informal european net of activists/hackers Estereotips, which organizes multimedia projects through the use and manipulation of diverse digital tools and working with free software.
VVVV (UK, London) held by Pedro Mari aka Defetto, italian artist based in London who uses generative art systems in order to create different kind of artworks, from single stills to motion graphics, music videoclip, live visual and real-time interactive applications.
QUARTZ Composer (UK, Belfast)  held by Shakinda, one of the best visual talents in UK, he explores the color use and theory applicated to live video. He was also among the finalists of the International Vj Battle organized by Edirol, the leading company in the field of live video hardwares.


Via Levanna 13
00141 – Rome

The space dedicated to the event take up the whole structure of Brancaleone and has the use of free wi-fi connection, 4 bars, 3 stages, Learning Area, open-air area with ExpoInfoBuy.

Stage 1 is equipped with professional PA, set up with 1 maxiscreen and 8 screens more, creating a real audiovisual Arena. From 19:00 until 24:00 the audio-video performance will follow one after each other, then from 24:00 until closing time all the Arena will be dedicated to the wide video consolle, where all the vjs interpretate the sound of the Djs creating and mixing moving images on the 8 available screens.

Stage 2 is located in the Cinema hall, at the first floor of Brancaleone. A real movie theater will be the location of the cosy audio-video performances which require more attention, comfortably sitting on your seats enjoy the audiovisual experience from 16:00 until 19:00.

INNER SPACE:  Learning
The Learning area is located at the first floor of the building and it represents the space dedicated to workshops groups. The bar will be available in the same area.

OUTER SIDETent Room – ExpoInfoBuy
The open-air space of the event is located in the outer side of Brancaleone in the Tent Room, equipped with a stage set up with PA and video consolle, 2 Maxiscreens and 2 beamers.
ExpoInfoBuy is the showcase area of commercial stands and sponsors which promote their products through trade shows characterized by the presentation and demonstration of products.

2009 Brancaleone



  • 13 Beamers 3.000/5.000 ansi/lumen
  • 3 VMS Beamers 3.000 ansi/lumen
  • 8 Video Consolles
  • 8×8 VGA MATRIX
  • 2 Video Mixers EDIROL V440
  • 1 Video Mixer EDIROL V8
  • 6 Video Mixers EDIROL V4
  • Cable VGA



  • 2 DJ Mixers
  • 4 CDJs
  • 4 Technics 1200
  • 5.000 watt indoor PA



  • WI-FI


  • 4 days
  • 15 beamers
  • 600 m/2 indoor
  • 1.500 m/2 outdoor
  • 5 plasma screens
  • 4 stages
  • 10 video consolles
  • 3 audio consolles
  • 72 hours of projections, performances, showcases, live sets
  • 6.000 person attending the event
  • 240m vga cables
  • 260m bnc cables
  • 23 staff members
  • 284 artists from Spain, Portugal, France, Mexico, Germany, UK, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, United States, Macedonia, Bulgaria
  • 230 projects and video performances
  • x250.000 Web Contacts
  • x26.000 Newsletters
  • 25.000 flyers
  • 3.000 programs
  • 1.500 posters 35 x 70cm
  • 150 bed
  • 650 meals
  • 1.500 drinks
  • 90 hours of workshops
  • 3 workshop rooms
  • 50 presskits


The administrative office, supported by a group of volunteers, has deal with the informations and relationships with artists starting two months before the event. Almost 400 submissions have been collected, giving useful informations about the tipology of the event and the schedule.

During the four days of the meeting the LPM desk welcome the artists explaining informations about their performances and accomodations in Rome; besides it also managed the pass entrance and supported the press office, dealing with the welcome and coordination of the invited journalists.

Tha taks of the press office started three months before the event, managing  the relationships with the numerous media partners, collecting their requests and creating ad hoc proposals. This resulted in some prestigious corporations, such as ALL MUSIC and Vj London.








Photo & Video

2009 Selecta


2009 Partner Selecta


2009 Selecta Video

Press Conference


The promotion activities started understanding the target of the campaign, we have identified in the forums and vjing websites the focus point of our strategy and we operated through a mailing list and a newsletter, exploiting the principle of networking. Besides we promoted the event with flyers and posters.

Produced material:

  • 1 Television Spot on ALL MUSIC
  • 2 advertise pages on 06
  • 1 advertise page on 02
  • 1 advertise page on NextExit
  • Banners
  • 26.000 Newsletter
  • 15.000 flyers
  • 5.000 programmes
  • 1.000 wallpapers 35 x 50
  • 1.500 pins
  • 200 T-shirts
  • 1 Banner
  • 50 press kits

The said about us

Tha tasks of our press office have been mostly focused towards the involvement of specialized editorials, from the local cultural pages on the most relevant newspaper, to internet websites in order to get the best visibility for the meeting.

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