LPM Live Performers Meeting 2010 Rome
MAY 27th 30th 2010 Brancaleone Rome, Italy
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
May, 27th 2010, 10:59 am |
May 27 - 30, 2010
Brancaleone, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy


Eighth edition

The eighth edition of LPM is closed and it’s time to take a report. Great satisfaction for the producers, who have seen confirmed the usual success in public and in artists’ participation, including old friends and new recruits.

Same location, the Brancaleone in Rome, and same issues of the past edition, for the four days of the meeting: Digital Freedoms, Breakbeat / Techno / Electro, 8 Bit / Eletcropop, Visual Genders. The line up is rich and varied, amongst performance A / V, installations and vj battle.

The first day was entirely devoted to digital freedoms; the keyword is remix, deconstruct and reconstruct the different forms of expression, in order to obtain visual landscapes resulting from the recombination of the favourite performing arts. Dance, action painting and music, mingle in the Analog-digital quartet from the collective Future Arts of Turin, in the multimedia generative art performance 74s181 from Datasheet, and in Synthesis from Micron, a performance in which the harmony of dance is transformed in a digital action painting.

Friday is the first of two days dedicated to electronic music. Let’s start with the breakbeat, and the pace of broken sounds that form the backdrop to the sci-fi, apocalyptic or mystical visions of the performers on stage.

Elektro Moon Vision and Lazy Lab present Urbanism, a 6 hands live set, resulting from the personal research on urban spaces, comparable to living organisms that grow, process, produce new forms of interaction and communication, adjusting the life of their inhabitants. The same approach characterizes the work of Gazmo and Borys the Drummer speaking about how a  point of view can change reality. Amount and Mowgli move instead towards the borders of fiction and absurd scenarios, as deep as unexpected.

We should also mention the performance of Sound-d-vision, the spanish duo that opens the dancefloor, and introduces the dj Shy Fx, special guest of the evening.

Saturday is dominated by 8 bit sounds, rhythms and images generated by revisited nintendo, home-made software, samplers, mini-synthesizer, vocoder. Perfectly in terms the Pikilipita‘s performance, a duo that uses video game consoles and mobile phones to create cartoon style and gig performances. The brazilians Marcelo Track and HOL are both concerned with the theme of virtual identities: the first interacts with an avatar in Pintado o 7, while the second  one reflects on the process of the hegelian dialectic through a generative performance video, Aufhebung. Along the suggestion of the virtual alterity, move Plaster and ValerioM+StudioAira that transform the emotions of the electro sound into images.

The most amazing performance of the evening, is the video installation made of LED screens, conceived by the hungarian producers of the prestigious VjTorna: Laki, Nano, Grasshop, Skylab, playing for two hours in the opening dj sets.

Sunday is the queer day, with a series of irreverent and disarming performance, focused on the reinterpretation of anarchist symbols of mainstream culture. Pornography, religion, politics, trash but also mythology, death and resurrection dominate inthe live performance presented by AlexEtJeremy, Zombiebrothers, Vocodec and in Dream of a gynoid by Kiravision, the italian female duo deeply focused on the representation of female identity and on the related issues.

In this eighth edition have also been proposed several showcases and particularly noteworthy workshops, such as those about Modul8 and Resolume, the one about the home-made video controller with Arduino and one about Computer Vision, to implement a vjing software with this innovative information technology.


Via Levanna 13
00141 – Rome
The space dedicated to the event take up the whole structure of Brancaleone and has the use of free wi-fi connection, 4 bars, 3 stages, Learning Area, open-air area with ExpoInfoBuy.

Stage 1 is equipped with professional PA, set up with 1 maxiscreen and 8 screens more, creating a real audiovisual Arena. From 19:00 until 24:00 the audio-video performance will follow one after each other, then from 24:00 until closing time all the Arena will be dedicated to the wide video consolle, where all the vjs interpretate the sound of the Djs creating and mixing moving images on the 8 available screens.

Stage 2 is located in the Cinema hall, at the first floor of Brancaleone. A real movie theater will be the location of the cosy audio-video performances which require more attention, comfortably sitting on your seats enjoy the audiovisual experience from 16:00 until 19:00.

INNER SPACE:  Learning
The Learning area is located at the first floor of the building and it represents the space dedicated to workshops groups. The bar will be available in the same area.

OUTER SIDETent Room – ExpoInfoBuy
The open-air space of the event is located in the outer side of Brancaleone in the Tent Room, equipped with a stage set up with PA and video consolle, 2 Maxiscreens and 2 beamers.
ExpoInfoBuy is the showcase area of commercial stands and sponsors which promote their products through trade shows characterized by the presentation and demonstration of products.




  • 13 Beamers 3.000/5.000 ansi/lumen
  • 3 VMS Beamers 3.000 ansi/lumen
  • 8 Video Consolles
  • 8×8 VGA MATRIX
  • 2 Video Mixers EDIROL V440
  • 1 Video Mixer EDIROL V8
  • 6 Video Mixers EDIROL V4
  • Cable VGA



  • 2 DJ Mixers
  • 4 CDJs
  • 4 Technics 1200
  • 5.000 watt indoor PA



  • WI-FI


  • 4 days
  • 15 beamers
  • 600 m/2 indoor
  • 1.500 m/2 outdoor
  • 2 x 160×240 Ledwall
  • 5 plasma screens
  • 4 stages
  • 10 video consolles
  • 3 audio consolles
  • 72 hours of projections, performances, showcases, live sets
  • 6.000 person attending the event
  • 240m vga cables
  • 260m bnc cables
  • 23 staff members
  • 301 artists from Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United States, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Turkey
  • 177 performances, workshops and showcases.
  • 500.000 Web contacts
  • 125.000 Newsletter
  • 10.000 flyer teaser
  • 20.000 flyer for Busta distribution
  • 10.000 flyer Friday
  • 5.000 flyer Saturday
  • 4.000 programs
  • 2.000 poster 50 x 70
  • 1.000 poster 70 x 100
  • 1.000 poster 24×70
  • 150 bed
  • 650 dinner
  • 1.500 drink
  • 240 hours of workoshops
  • 3 workshop rooms



The administrative office, supported by a group of volunteers, has deal with the informations and relationships with artists starting two months before the event. Almost 400 submissions have been collected, giving useful informations about the tipology of the event and the schedule.
During the four days of the meeting the LPM desk welcome the artists explaining informations about their performances and accomodations in Rome; besides it also managed the pass entrance and supported the press office, dealing with the welcome and coordination of the invited journalists.

Tha taks of the press office started three months before the event, managing  the relationships with the numerous media partners, collecting their requests and creating ad hoc proposals. This resulted in some prestigious corporations, such as ALL MUSIC and Vj London.



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Photo & Video

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The promotion activities started understanding the target of the campaign, we have identified in the forums and vjing websites the focus point of our strategy and we operated through a mailing list and a newsletter, exploiting the principle of networking. Besides we promoted the event with flyers and posters.

Produced material:

  • 1 Television Spot on ALL MUSIC
  • 2 advertise pages on 06
  • 1 advertise page on 02
  • 1 advertise page on NextExit
  • Banners
  • 26.000 Newsletter
  • 15.000 flyers
  • 5.000 programmes
  • 1.000 wallpapers 35 x 50
  • 1.500 pins
  • 200 T-shirts
  • 1 Banner
  • 50 press kits


They said about us

The tasks of our press office have been mostly focused towards the involvement of specialized editorials, from the local cultural pages on the most relevant newspaper, to internet websites in order to get the best visibility for the meeting.

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