SEPTEMBER 22nd 25th2011 Minsk, Belarus
Live video performers, visual artists and vj meeting
September, 22nd 2011, 3:00 pm | September, 26th 2011, 4:00 am
September 22 - 25, 2011
Loft Cafe, Minsk Belarus, Ў Gallery, Minsk Belarus, Minsk, Belarus


The tenth edition of LPM has confirmed once again the importance of fostering sharing and participation in the live video performers community. Minsk offered us a warm welcome; more than 140 artists gathered in Belarus from all over the world.

Whereas the local community responded to our call with a diffused and enthusiastic feedback, the international breadth of the Live Performers Meeting was demonstrated by a great participation of diverse artists from not less than 20 countries. Along with several local artists we were pleased to host performers from Poland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Russian Federation, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Portugal, France, Hungary, Mexico, Belgium, Canada, Ukraine, India, Taiwan, and Israel.

In this edition LPM maintained the 4-days formula and the 7 themes we launched for the previous edition in Rome: Re-encode, Videntity, Cinematic Derives, Sensible Data, 3D-Stereoscopic, Urban Art Media Drifts and Video Mapping. Installations e performances were staged in the two different locations: the Y Gallery and the LOFT Cafe.

We received an exciting amount of quality works, but there are few it’s worth to outline. Vj Emiko (PL) performed a breathtaking audiovisual piece titled The Exosphere in-between, beautiful original footage of bodies and movements knowingly mixed so to create a deep and intimate atmosphere. Another group from Poland surprised our audience; YUME aka Hertzshmertz and Stendek, proposed a colorful and captivating live set focused on the nature of dreams.

The collective Scrag Aisedory from Kiev shook the walls of the Y Gallery with a tough, post-theatrical performance titled Absorbed, which brought on stage a mix of live video, sound, voices, screams and rage. Live action and performance art were topic also addressed by the group DEMOLECULARISATION, which showcased their last work **Be a Hero!; the work is a “dystopian blitzkrieg” based on a cinematic reading of spam emails and unconventional use of voice digital processing. The performance AX/SOMA by Etzul (MX) created a strongly contemplative and enveloping imagery, driven by generative, diffracted motion graphics and improvised electronic sounds. Last, but not least, we were glad to present the local duo Rhythm Research (Pavel Ambiont and Vj Solar_Olga) which led our viewers through an hypnotic journey through the everyday, urban rhythms of Belarus.

This year we renewed the collaboration with Vj Torna; the contest hosted about 30 artists worldwide, each one showcasing authentic skills and ideas during the battles and championship sessions. The Torna jury eventually awarded the prizes to the dreamy imagery of talented Vj Emiko (PL) and the obscure and urban style of Vj Fax (IT).

LPM Minsk hosted interactive installations, talks and workshops taught by international professionals, along with our trademark live video parties, with local djs and hungry visualists mixing their works all the night long.

Overall, we received an amazing, awesome feedback both from the community and the audience; as always this is our greatest satisfaction, but above all we hare proud to have actually contributed to the growth of the eastern Europe community of video artists, and that some new and exciting collaborations might have been born.


Ў Gallery
pr. Niezaleznaści – 37A, Minsk, Biełarus

Loft Cafe
Brovki st, 22, Minsk, Bielarus


This large open space hosts permanently the installations, then in the morning hosts some of the most challenging workshops and performance in the afternoon and evening party.

Warm and cozy is the heart of LPM Minsk, as well as collecting all the participants meetings, it hosts small presentations and performances as well to join the Exhibition Area for evening parties.

The charming shop is transformed to the Ygallery LPM to host workshops.



  • 6 video projectors 5000 ANSI/lumen
  • 3 video consolle
  • 2 vieo mixer Edirol V440
  • 1 video mixer Edirol V8
  • Cables VGA/DVI/SDI


  • 2 DJ mixer
  • 4 CDJ
  • 4 Technics 1200
  • 5000 watt indoor audio system


  • WI-FI



  • 6 video projectors 3000-5000 ANSI/lumen
  • Outdoor projection 15000-30000 ANSI/lumen
  • 1 video consolle
  • 1 video mixer Edirol V4
  • Cables VGA/DVI/SDI
  • TrippleHead2go


  • 1 DJ mixer
  • 2 CDJ
  • 2 Technics 1200
  • 5000 watt indoor audio system


  • WI-FI


2011-Minsk Ygallery Loft



  • 4 days
  • 1.000 m/2 indoor
  • 300 m/2 outdoor
  • 9 plasma screens
  • 2 stages
  • 3 consolle video
  • 2 consolle audio
  • 50 hours of projection, performance, showcase, live sets
  • 2.500 people attending
  • 35 staff members
  • 177 artists from Poland, Spain, Italy, Belarus, Russian Federation, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Portugal, France, Hungary, Mexico, Belgium, Canada, Ucraine, India, Taiwan, Colombia
  • 98 performances, workshops and showcases.
  • 600.000 web contacts
  • 250.000 Newsletter
  • 10.000 flyer teaser
  • 2.500 programs
  • 500 posters 35 x 70
  • 500 beds
  • 600 drinks
  • 60 hours of workshop
  • 2 workshop rooms



The administrative office has deal with the informations and relationships with istitutions and artists starting three months before the event, collecting over 700 submissions. After the coordinator’s selection, the organization gave useful informations about the tipology of the event and the schedule, managing also the artists’ mobility, accomodation issue and general logistic.

During the four days of the meeting the LPM desk welcome the artists giving informations and support about performances, programs, coordination with curators and stage manager, and found smart solution for the mobility in Rome; besides it also managed the pass entrance and supported the press office, dealing with the welcome and coordination of the journalists.

Tha taks of the press office started three months before the event, managing  the relationships with the various mediapartners, collecting their partnership requests and creating ad hoc proposals. This resulted in someprestigious collaborations, such as Live! and, Vj Torna for festivals and Insideart for the press.

We also received a lot of positive feedback online and offline during the 4 days of LPM, with mention of the event on most popular and influent newspaper or magazine, web portal and social network.








Photo & Video

2011-Minsk Selecta

2011-Minsk Partner Selecta

2011-Minsk Selecta Video


Promotion activities have run from 1st may 2010 untill the end of the event. With the increasing number of foreign followers on our social metworks we have developed a constant promotional campaign and, with the assitance of our partners in Minsk, we managed to raise a strong curiosity about the event, wich was exceptional in the new cultural scene of Belarus.

At the opening press conference have attended, in addiction to the directors of LPM and Anna Chistoserdova, Artistic Director of the Y Gallery, also Helen Khomchenko – Samsung Brand Manager ,partner of this forst edition in Minsk, Eugenio Quarantini – Cultural Attache at Italian Embassy in Minsk, and Vyacheslav Shelegeyko – Delegate of the European Union in Belarus.

Thanks to strong partnership with radio and tv channels, we were able to take advantage of these resources, as welle as the hand to hand distribution of flyers and promotional material in the mail places of interest and aggregation, includind through posting flyers and posters

Produced materials:

  • 1 Tv Spot on Live! and
  • 1 Radio Spot on Radio Popolare, OkMusik, Radio Fefè
  • 1 Adv page on PostIT, NextExit, Insideart, Italiancore Magazine, Zero, Grab Magazine
  • Over 30 banners online
  • 250.000 Newsletter
  • 20.000 flyer teaser
  • 20.000 flyer for Busta
  • 50.000 flyer
  • 4.000 programs
  • 3.000 posters 70 x 100
  • 2.000 playbill
  • 1.500 post on Facebook e Twitter
  • 3.000 stickers
  • 300 T-shirt
  • 500 pass holder

They said about us

The press office have been mostly focused towards the involvement of specialized  and non-specialized editorials, from the local cultural pages on the most relevant newspaper, to magazines and internet websites dealing with arts, new media, technologies, street culture and lifestyle, in order to get the best visibility for the meeting and reach a large and various target audience.

2011-Minsk Web review