MAY 19th 22nd 2011 Nuovo Cinema Aquila Rome, Italy
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
May, 19th 2011, 10:59 am |
May 19 - 22, 2011
Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

LPM ninth edition has finally come to the end. While we’re waiting to cross Belarusian boundaries, now it’s time to draw conclusions and sum up this roman step with a general survey.

It wasn’t easy to manage such a huge amount of artists and performances , but with the experience and strenght of staff, technicians and voulonteers, we lead to amazing and unexpected results, with a lot of positive feedback from artists, but also partners and audience.

LPM is growing bigger every year and this can be confirmed by EU Culture Program partecipation as well as the new venue, an historical and imporant place as Nuovo Cinema Aquila. Even the number of artists almost doubled the former edition and with 482 artists from over 30 nations, we can say that LPM is an unmissable event not only for roman community, but also for the national and international ones.

This year LPM maintains the 4-days formula, but this time different fields of artistic research will be presented heterogeneously, divided in 7 themes: Re-encode, Videntity, Cinematic Derives, Sensible Data, 3D-Stereoscopic, Urban Art Media Drifts and Video Mapping. Installations e performances were staged in the three different rooms of the cinema, on its external facade, but also in other differet venues: Forte Fanfulla, Tuba Bazar, Contesta Rock Hair and Officine Pigneto.

We had a lot of performances to point out, first of all UKI: a viral performance, were Shu Lea Cheang directed an enseblme of noise artist for over two hours in the live remake of IKU, her cult cyberpunk movie. Besides this, in the same section Videntity, LPM had the honour to host a part of the spanish pornoartistic scene, with artists as Diana Pornoterrorista, vudU Serial Bitch, Videoarmsidea and Vjmac, in a blaze of bodies, flesh and holes.

For Mapping theme, with Telenoika team as coordinator, stand out over all the others the StudioAira performance, which deconstructed the facade of the cinema with lines, triangles and balls in a 3d trick for the eyes.

Cinematic Derives section brought on the screens old movies fragments and retro’ images, modified in real time interacting with sounds, as in xx+xy performance, or with the body as Francesca Fini; on technological side, for 3d Stereoscopic section, Joanie Lamercier aka Crustea,one of the best artists in the world in this field, presented the groundbreacking project AntiVj.

Going back to pure electronic data and the single bit, Sensible Data and Re-encode showed one more time how man and machine can interact in a loop were the distinction between the controller and the controlled one is completly lost, as we could see in Plaster performance or in the interactive one played by Interkom with Kinect support.

Another important moment was the italian step of Vj Torna, where hundreds of the best vj in the world challenged in a frame fight: brasilian Vj Eletroiman won the prestigious first prize given by Vixid. Moreover, LPM presented 6 different and prestigious workshops, dealing with cutting edge themes and latest generation technologies, as 3d mapping or Kinect interaction.

During the 4 days, the foyer in Nuovo Cinema Aquila hosted installations, projects and products presentations, and turning into a dancefloor at night: lots of international djs played randomly, with different bass and beat, but the most important moment was the saturday night party, where the people dance with Warbear and Dj Trix techno sounds.


Nuovo Cinema Aquila
Via Aquila 13
00176 – Roma

The space dedicated to the event take up the whole structure of Nuovo Cinema Aquila and has the use of free wi-fi connection, 2 bars, 3 stages, one for each room, the foyer for workshops and exhibitions, and the chill out zone.

Venue consists of three floors, connected by a sight staircase, and includes three cinema halls set up with the highest technological standards, to provide the public with a comfortable and optimal fruition.
The internal volume is enhanced by a foyer with a balcony in steel and glass, that overlooks the ground floor atrium, accessible from the main entrance in Via L’Aquila.
On the ground floor there is also a lift, handicap facilities, the ticket office, a bar and the largest cinema hall with a capacity of about 180 people.
Other two cinema halls are located on the second floor, providing a overall capacity of 150 seats.

INTERNAL // FIRST FLOOR – ROOM 1 (capacity 180)
The parterre with 180 seats, face directly the stage below the maxi screen normally used for film screenings.
During LPM, the room will be set up with six screens, two on the sides of the maxi screen, and another two for each of the side walls of the room.
The room is equipped with a digital stereoscopic projection system with 3D projector CHRISTIE CP 2000 M, 13000 lumens, server QuVIS Cinema Player 2K/3D and decoding and rendering system 3D X-PAND with rechargeable active glasses.
The audio is supported by the server via a digital output, 6 analog audio converters connected to the DOLBY CP650 processor.
Speakers are all JBL Cinema Series.

The foyer of the Nuovo Cinema Aquila is an open space illuminated by the large windows on Via L’Aquila.
Located on the mezzanine, is a crossing place for access to rooms on the second floor, but also a neutral space, an area in which the viewer is not related to the concept of polarized vision, typical of movie theater with fixed seating.
For this reason it is especially suited to the realization of speechs, panel discussions, showcases, where the freedom of living the space and the interaction with the public are essential.
The foyer has a technological equipment of three plasma screens, permanently set up on the front wall of the stairway access.

INTERNAL / / SECOND FLOOR – ROOM 2 & ROOM 3 (capacity 73 + 77)
Rooms two and three are very similar, they only differ in a small amount of seats.
Both halls will be set up with two screens on the side of the screen normally used for film screenings.
The room two is equipped with a DIGITAL PROJECTION Projector, 7000 lumens, 1280x720p, 3 chip DLP.
The room three instead, with a NEC NP 4001 Projector, 4500 lumen, 1280x768p, 1 chip DLP.
The audio is supported by the server via a digital output, 6 analog audio converters connected to the DOLBY CP650 processor.
The speakers are all JBL Cinema Series.

Besides the cinema, this year LPM expanded his boundaries trough an invasion of different places in Pigneto area: most of the installations were set up in Forte Fanfulla, a multi-cultural center born as a new spin off of Associazione Culturale Fanfulla 101, or in Officine Pigneto, another cultural and important venue for the area, but also in Tuba Bazar or Contesta Rock Hair, while some workshop were staged in Placido Zurla 49b.

2011 NuovoCinemaAquila


  • 4 days
  • 1.000 m/2 indoor
  • 1.500 m/2 outdoor
  • 7 plasma screens
  • 3 rooms
  • 2 foyer
  • 5 stages
  • 10 consolle video
  • 5 consolle audio
  • 72 hours of projection, performance, showcase, live sets
  • 8.000 people attending
  • 75 staff members
  • 484 artists form Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, United States, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, Ukraina
  • 228 performances, workshops and showcases.
  • 800.000 web contacts
  • 250.000 Newsletter
  • 20.000 flyer teaser
  • 50.000 flyer
  • 4.000 programs
  • 5.000 posters 70 x 100
  • 3.000 playbill
  • 1.300 beds
  • 2.000 drinks
  • 70 hours of workshop
  • 3 workshop rooms


The administrative office has deal with the informations and relationships with istitutions and artists starting three months before the event, collecting over 700 submissions. After the coordinator’s selection, the organization gave useful informations about the tipology of the event and the schedule, managing also the artists’ mobility, accomodation issue and general logistic.

During the four days of the meeting the LPM desk welcome the artists giving informations and support about performances, programs, coordination with curators and stage manager, and found smart solution for the mobility in Rome; besides it also managed the pass entrance and supported the press office, dealing with the welcome and coordination of the journalists.

Tha taks of the press office started three months before the event, managing  the relationships with the various mediapartners, collecting their partnership requests and creating ad hoc proposals. This resulted in some prestigious collaborations, such as Live! and, Vj Torna for festivals and Insideart for the press.

We also received a lot of positive feedback online and offline during the 4 days of LPM, with mention of the event on most popular and influent newspaper or magazine, web portal and social network.






Linux Club



Culture Programme

Goethe-Institut Minsk

IED Roma

Ilaria Ninni

Suona Francese Festival


Accademia D’Ungheria di Roma

Ambasciata di Francia

Ambasciata del Messico in Italia

Goethe-Institut Rom

Istituto Cervantes

Istituto Svizzero di Roma


ADD Festival

Art is Open Source



B & B Art




Bunk3r TV


Contesta Rock Hair



Circuito Electrovisiones





Mapping festival

Muv festival

Officine Pigneto

Phag Off

roBOt Festival




Share Festival

Tuba Bazar

Urban Experience

VIEW Conference


Vj Fest Istanbul

VJ France

VJ’s Culture Lithuania







Cyber Brothers

Design Radar


First Floor Under


Grab magazine


Italiancore Magazine


Lightrhythm Visuals





Next Exit


OkMusik Radio

Radio Popolare Roma

Random Magazine

Roma C’è


Super Magazine



VJ London


Zero Edizioni







Roland Systems Group




2011 Selecta

2011 Partners Selecta

2011 Selecta Video


Promotion activities have run from 1st december 2010 untill the end of the event. We started with the identification of target audience, identifying the essential point in the vjing forums and web sites. We’ve used newsletters, mailing lists, and the most popular social network. We’ve promoted the meeting by paper matirals, distributed in the aggregation places and in all the usually frequented areas.

Produced materials:

  • 1 Tv Spot on Live! and
  • 1 Radio Spot on Radio Popolare, OkMusik, Radio Fefè
  • 1 Adv page on PostIT, NextExit, Insideart, Italiancore Magazine, Zero, Grab Magazine
  • Over 30 banners online
  • 250.000 Newsletter
  • 20.000 flyer teaser
  • 20.000 flyer for Busta
  • 50.000 flyer
  • 4.000 programs
  • 3.000 posters 70 x 100
  • 2.000 playbill
  • 1.500 post on Facebook e Twitter
  • 3.000 stickers
  • 300 T-shirt
  • 500 pass holder

2011 Materials

2011 Radio TV

They said about us

The press office have been mostly focused towards the involvement of specialized  and non-specialized editorials, from the local cultural pages on the most relevant newspaper, to magazines and internet websites dealing with arts, new media, technologies, street culture and lifestyle, in order to get the best visibility for the meeting and reach a large and various target audience.

2011 Web Review