Edition XV June 26th - 28th 2014 | Eindhoven
Live video performers, visual artists and vj meeting
March, 26th 2014, 12:44 pm | June, 29th 2014, 4:00 am
June 26 - 28, 2014
StrijpS, Eindhoven Netherlands, Eindhoven, Netherlands


The XV edition of LPM took place in Eindhoven from 26th to 28th June  in the spaces of Lab-1 and Baltan Laboratories. This edition represented for sure a turning point, that have brought back to the origins of the meeting in 2004, when people were few, when there were no calls or institutional funds to draw from and the cooperation of everyone, including artists, was essential for carrying of the meeting.

Even the main location, Lab-1, a semi squatted place in Eindhoven recovered only few months ago by a collective of artists and event producers to develop music and digital culture, was perfect to welcome the Meeting. We took a risk and chose to modify our formula by asking to all the participants to take part actively, to ensure that the LPM could take place. As the many replies and enthusiasm received during and after the event, they made us aware that the road we were taking was the right one: the path of cooperation, spirit of initiative, participation, full of enthusiasm and desire to get all the way through. And this is the main purpose of LPM.

With the call for application we’ve gathered  270 artists from 31 countries playing 172 performances, showcase and workshops; the program was conceived to offer a unique show to public, artists themselves, partners and professionals attending, both on the artist side, as on the learning program.

Presentations and Workshops program included, amongst all, AVmixer Pro VJ by VJFaderResolume 2 days Boot Camp, VideoMapping with Telenoika, Roland’s Multi-Format Live Video Switchers, Coge and Vezer presentations.

Talks and panels have been a very exciting moments of the meeting, in which professionals and artists discussed on topics and issues related to the world of live video: Creative coding for Live Visuals; Video, database and artificial sphere of existence; Live Mapping: where we are, where we go5 Continents 10 VJs.

As for the Video Installations, we’ve hosted Amphichiral, a research and a metaphysic fusion of space and elements; Illuminated , an example of grace and elegance; Mapping Gaming , the CtrlAltLab + Flxer team brand new project, an interaction between objects and mapping through a game; Architectural Space Intervention, a melting pot of architectural  interaction amongst light, space, sound; Animated gap filler, the little interactive and very funny installation.

As for Audiovisual Performances and  Dj/VjSetswe were glad to host the projects Enthalpy: Entropy by Proyecto 3.20 + Alejandro Franco; 

Dichotomie by Hugues Clément
The Sound of Color by Elektronik Meditation
,  STM by Videokultur
; Making Visual Music  by Terry Trickett; Mariskao by Mowgli and the Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers; Exogenus by  Kostik Animal; Macro-Scope by OddOne + Kanaka Projet; X-Peri-Mental by L:ED; The Beauty and The Beast by Fantasmagoria, Spheres by Kirsten Swensen + Sar:co.

Amongst the audiovisual projects, we’ve hosted Spiral Composition by Fake Samoa, in collaboration with roBOt Festival.

A special thanks to the technical partners too, for the prizes and tools given of the Meeting and for the VjBattle, the live category of Vj Torna and a moment that,  as in  every edition of LPM, involves and thrills both the competitors and the audience who attend the competition with attention and enthusiasm:
BlendDomeVjBorn DigitalCOGEHexlerMadMapperMatroxMilluminModul8, Resolume, Roland System GroupShop4VjsText Machine 3DVezer, VisutionVjLoopShop.

Here you are the best ones:
VJ Torna 2014 Eindhoven – Vj BATTLE
1Chindogu (Uruguay)
2. Eletroiman (Spain)
3. Blindoff (France)

LPM XV Edition Live Mapping Contest
1. VjCodec (Greece)
2. Eletroiman (Spain)
3. Ahmet Said Kaplan (Turkey)

The Vj Torna Pre Production voting is still ongoing, you can contribute to proclaim the winners by following the instruction on the official website www.vjtorna.org/eindhoven

Many thanks to the LPM network, to the media partners, to the local producers Dirty Soap Visuals, to the crews of Lab-1 and Baltan Laboratories who were able to understand the spirit and the needs of a huge event as LPM and made an amazing work during all the preproduction period, to the volunteers who have given a great help and, last but not least, many thanks again to all the performers, who have given us their skills and talents; we met again many familiar faces, who came to celebrate with us these 10 years of activism, as we have met so many new people that will surely give new life to the Meeting.
See you at the next edition of LPM in 2015!


LAB-1 – Baltan Laboratories
StrijpS Eindhoven, Netherlands

Lab-1 and Baltan Laboratories  were an amazing location; Baltan Lab hosted almost the entire learning program with the workshops and the rest of the meeting took place in the entire first floor of  Lab-1 which became the perfect venue to host such event: 1 classroom for the workshop, 2 main stages, 1 meeting room devoted to the Meeting Area, the Showcases presentation1 room for the Vj Torna Battle and several spaces for the Video Installations.

During the night, Stage 1 and 2 became two explosive dancefloor, in which we hosted 2 amazing night parties, animated by the local djs came to enjoy LPM by presenting massive dj clash sessions.


  • 3 days
  • 3.000 m/2 indoor
  • 1 meeting room
  • 1 mapping external area
  • 2 workshops rooms
  • 3 stages
  • 3 consolle video
  • 3 consolle audio
  • 50 hours of projection, performance, showcase, live sets
  • 60 hours of workshops
  • 2.500 people attending
  • 20 staff members

Media Contacts:

  • 3.000.000 web
  • 6.000.000 socials
  • 2.000.000 newsletters
  • 9.000.000 radio
  • 15.000.000 tv


  •  3.000 posters 50 x 70
  •  2.000 posters 70 x 100
  • 200.000 playbills
  • 150.000 flyer teaser
  • 170.000 flyer
  •  150.000 programs


  • 400 T-shirt
  • 400 pass holders
  • 1.000 stickers


The Submission Office has managed both the entire submissions process starting from March 28th to April 21st, both the assistance included the technical requirement of every artists, with the stage manager involved in the selection of the works submitted, since the days of the Meeting. This year the requests of participation were almost 300.

The tasks of the Communication Office started in January 2014, with the aim to renew the old partnership and most of all to enlarge the network of festivals, industries, media, institutions interested on being part of the project. Since today LPM has more than 160 organizations that have embraced the project and support the event.

An important part of the work has also allowed us to structure and organize the promotion of several preview events in which LPM was involved all over Europe.

During the days of the meeting the LPM Desk welcome the artists, by giving informations and support about performances, programs, coordination with curators and stage manager, and found smart solution for the mobility in Eindhoven; besides it also managed the pass entrance and supported the press office, dealing with the welcome and coordination of the journalists.











2014 Eindhoven  Selecta


Promotion activities have run during all the 2014 until the end of the event in The Netherlands and the days later, including the management of the reporting activities. With the increasing number of foreign followers on our social networks we have developed a constant promotional campaign, highlighting both the artistic cast, both the massive numbers of workshop, showcases in the program, both on calling up for VjTorna submission.

Thanks to strong partnership with the national and international media, we were able to take advantage of these resources, as well as the hand to hand distribution of flyers and promotional material in the main places of interest and aggregation, including throughposting flyers and posters in Eindhoven, and during the promotional events in Europe.

Produced materials:

  • 1 Tv Spot
  • 1 Radio Spot on Radio Popolare Roma
  • 4 Adv page on Zero, Grab Magazine, The Trip
  • Over 60 banners online
  • 40.000 flyer teaser
  • 100.000 flyer
  • 10.000 programs
  • 4.000 posters 70 x 100
  • 4.000 playbill
  • 250.000 Newsletter
  • 3.000 post on Facebook e Twitter
  • 1000 T-shirt
  • 1000 pass holder


The press office have been mostly focused towards the involvement of specialized and non-specialized editorials, from the local cultural pages on the most relevant newspaper, to magazines and internet websites dealing with arts, new media, technologies, street culture and lifestyle, in order to get the best visibility for the meeting and reach a large and various target audience.

We also received a lot of positive feedback online and offline during the 3 days of LPM, with mention of the event on most popular and influent newspaper and online magazine, websites and social network, and after the event, with a massive photo and video report made from the artists and from the press attending.