LPM 2013 Rome | Save the Beauty
Edition XX May 2nd - 5th 2019 | Rome
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
May, 2nd 2019, 3:00 pm | May, 5th 2019, 2:00 am
May 2 - 5, 2019
Mattatoio, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy
LPM 2013 Rome | Save the Beauty

LPM 2013 Rome | Save the Beauty

March, 21st 2013, 3:00 pm | March, 22nd 2013, 4:00 am
March 21 - 23, 2013

Mondrian Suite, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

Save the Beauty – Taranto chiama Italia, Italia risponde”, is an experimental art project conceived and cared by Rossocontemporaneo in Taranto.
From 21st to 23rd March will be also review a dense network of exhibitions and performing events in same time throughout Italy.

In Rome,  the Mondrian Suite contemporary art space (via dei Piceni 41/43) welcomed the proposal of “Save the beauty” and organized an event with the magazine Inside Art*.

Thursday, March 21, at the gallery which houses the staff of Vladimir Stojanovic, takes place from 18.30 pm: presentation of “Inside Art” in his new quarterly, with a focus on the “Save the beauty,” a talk on theme “beauty vs. degradation” with the participation of Maurizio Zuccari, editor in chief of the magazine; the interventions of Francesco Gallo, art historian, curator and art critic and Lori Adragna, organizer for the area of ​​Rome and member of the scientific and curatorial project.
Will follow the live performance by Francesca Fini, “With an helmet, fair and lost,” art project conceived as a work-in-progress, which on this occasion sees the contribution of the Live Performers Meeting.

* Inside Art, media partner of LPM, becomes quarterly: four times a year to collect, to live more “inside” the world of contemporary art.
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