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Call for VR Projects - Lieu.City

Friday, 14 May 2021 SRL is an innovative start-up, with offices in Cagliari and Milan, specializing in the creation of virtual reality experiences in the field of art exhibitions.
The company Srl intends to launch a "Call for VR Projects", in order to identify exhibition projects to be realized with Lieu.City's VR technology.
Candidates, whose projects and ideas will be selected, will have the opportunity to see their exhibition project realized and the revival of their spaces in VR. The main objective of the project is to allow the selected participants to move from the detailed elaboration of the idea to its realization, with constant sharing of knowledge and good practices.

The objective of this Call Competition is to identify, select, reward and promote innovative museum exhibition solutions, which implement an approach strongly oriented towards improving the use of art and culture.
This "call for ideas", by way of example but not limited to, is aimed at projects relating to exhibi-tions of modern, contemporary and design art that you want to transpose also on digital.

The following can submit an application to participate in this Call for applications:
● Museums, intended as a permanent, non-profit institution at the service of society and its development, open to the public, which carries out research on the material and intangible test- monies of man and his environment, acquires them, preserves , and communicates them and specifically exhibits them for purposes of study, education and pleasure.
● Non-profit organizations linked to the world of art (such as Associations and Foundations)

The deadline for submitting applications is set from 10.00 am on April 1st 2021 to 7.00 pm on May 31st 2021.