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Open Call: Little Island Festival 2021

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

The Small Islands Festival seeks to connect landscape and nature with man and art through an exploration of their natural and imaginary boundaries. The site-specific open call, under the name "Living Environments", seeks artists of all nationalities who are experimenting with new forms of arts and audiovisual media such as cartographic projection, interactive installation, VR, performance.

The artistic field is Sikinos, a small island in the southern part of the Cyclades, known for its unspoiled landscapes and refusal to adapt to modern requests for "development", is a place that outlines the concept of "Living Environments" through the long coexistence of human society with nature.

Access mode:
Artists are invited to choose one of the following themes for the creation of projects that will be presented in the Festival program from 21 to 25 August 2021.

- Cartographic projection (demolished house in the square of the "Kastro" settlement)

- Installation (old Cycladic windmill)

- Interactive installation: repaired passage

- Performance: Church of Agios Ioannis

- Virtual reality

Research themes:
nature, man, humanism, human measure, culture, coexistence, collective memory, identity, cultural heritage, tradition, myth, past, present, future, urban reality, digital age, evolution, social coexistence, new perspectives, community, creation.

Extension of the deadline:

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