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LPM Live Performers Meeting 2007 Rome
SEPTEMBER 20th 23rd 2007 Linux club Rome, Italy
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
September, 20th 2007, 3:00 pm | September, 24th 2007, 4:00 am
September 20 - 23, 2007
Linux Club, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy



Italy Roma

Italy, Roma
[Text available only in English] Rome Zoo. Along with his crew, he organized and promoted Italian hip-hop culture through memorable events, concerts, and jams. In 1996 his proximity and natural passion for music brought him to make the important change from b-boying to djing. Thanks to his total dedication, and help from fellow crewmembers such as Dj Stile, Roman dj/producer(ALIEN ARMY,FRANKIE HI NRG, NEFFA), Dj Baro shortly became one of the most talented upcoming turntabilists in Rome, and in Italy. In 1998 he began to collaborate with one of the best hip hop groups in Italy, Colle Der Fomento, also Rome Zoo members, and participates artistically, scratching on some of the tracks from the groups second album, 'Scienza Doppia H In 1999 he becomes the groups official dj, and participates in a series of sold-out tours around Italy, which provide him with the opportunity to show his skills to a vast audience. Having proved himself as a talented turntabilist, Dj Baro starts to promote his own dj-set. Able to provide both technical and more dance-friendly routines he djs a great deal, becoming one of the most sought after hip hop djs in the country. At the same time he releases mix-tapes in collaboration with Dj Stile which today are considered underground classics: Rome Zoo Djs Vol.1, 6 Piedi Sotto, & Rome Zoo Djs Vol.2. Dj Baro also collaborates with other Italian mcs and djs including: Frankie Hi Nrg, Esa ( Gente Guasta), Dj Double S, Sparo, Amir, Gufo, and other compilations and soundtracks. In the year 2000 he, along with other members of his crew, hosts a number of successful programs for major radio stations in Italy, promoting the real hip hop culture, attempting to bring the Italian public one step closer to the music which he loves. Currently Dj Baro is in the production stage of his groups third album. He is also the mind behind the Real Vibes project, a weekly event which takes place in one of Romes finest clubs, LASAPONERIA ( spinning alongside the resident dj, with whom he promotes a dj-set which balances technique, style, and musicality ). He has realized A LOT OF hiphop EVENTS in quality of artistic director like: RomeZooAttacks, RomeZooParties, RealVibesGigs (specialguests: KANYE WEST, FATMANSCOOP, NINA SKY, DJ KOOL, DJ CAMILO, DJ CASH MONEY, DJ TECHNICIAN, DJ SCRATCHATOR, CAMP LO, MASEO from DE LA SOUL ) MTV MusicPollinationParty2004 (specialguest DJ CUTKILLER), TIM TRIBU FACEOFF 2005, HIPHOPBEACHFESTIVAL 2005 (specialguest KRSONE), REDBULLHOMEGROOVE UP ROC 2006 (specialguest ERICK SERMON)