Artists: Miss Franklee

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2007 Rome
SEPTEMBER 20th 23rd 2007 Linux club Rome, Italy
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
September, 20th 2007, 3:00 pm | September, 24th 2007, 4:00 am
September 20 - 23, 2007
Linux Club, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

Miss Franklee

Miss Franklee

Italy Naples

Italy, Naples
Miss Frank Lee VJ

...Electronic sounds and flashing lights .. here comes on the screen and begin to occur manipulated video mixed in the wake of a style pop star made of strips, shapes, break of films and small short films shot and edited video for the live round: unique his style. ... This here is Miss Frank Lee, alias Alessandra Franco

...Creative painter, graphic freelance producer.

He began his experience as a VJ with the promoter group for Flyaway the event of presentation of the new MINI in Naples in the Square 2005 from the collaboration will become continuously and expands to other promoter groups for events and dance nights.

His unique style and ability to adapt to the various moods of Miss Frank lee evenings make a revelation to the women of this new tendency of visual art that today is a fundamental part of the night.

Creative and experimental nature of this part with some friends vj listening to the formation of the Visual creating strong synergies art for the preparation and organization of events that have as disclosure of the video center, and his trial. After this experience starting new collaborations and new artistic research.

Collaborate with the Angels of Love for the coming international artist Bob Sinclair, and takes care of their VJ sets during the performance of other great dj as Francoise Kevorkian, Eric Morillo, Satoshi Tomie, and Behrouz other great dj, vj is the official in 2007 for the Neapolis of love musik festival and the great friend vj Little Man 69. Continue collaborations this time moving to Rome for an audience most coveted in local esclusvi as ST'A for evenings RULES OF ATTRACTION, and some great private events.

The many contacts the lead up to Genoa for the night in the pink palace Ducale, all female.

It vjset for performer Barbara Tucker, Trickski, Reel People, Quinn Whalley, Fudje DJ, et al.

Participants each year to the LPM Roma LIVE PERFORMER MEETING gathering vj from around the world, the theme for the newest styles and video vj set in general, and participates in other smaller festivals.

In constant evolution and experimentation Miss Frank Lee wanders at night with his inseparable enveloping computer with its video, which overwhelm and surround the evening making us dream in the wake of shapes and animations, colors, feelings to the music .......

In 2008 began experimenting with new visual forms, beginning to create real scenes video with numerous clubs and events wrapping screenings and panels.

From here begins to break out of the box the night starting to conceive real video installations and thus fall into the vein purely artistic, from which was born all his experience to vj.

He currently works with several promoter between Rome and Naples, once month, you can find at the Madre Museum for the event where Madrenalina unique projects his video.

At the Orangery in Rome brought an installation DREAMING RECYCLE POP by wrapping sheets of transparent glass in the vast, and projecting video and POP-style still life of everyday objects recyclable, presenting the theme of eco sustainability in a very contemporary form.

To THE QUEER FESTIVAL at Cinema l'Aquila in Rome, presented in foyer of did the video collage and graphic "butterfly collection.

LUMINAIRE last event as an artist for 02 to Naples, where the event City is surrounded by numerous video performances presented Miss Frank Lee his project and created an installation at the former ITALSIDER COKE bagnoli enormous chimney. / missfranklee / missfranklee / missfranklee


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