Artists: Andrea Bastogi

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2020 Rome
Edition XXI March 12th - 15th 2020 | Rome
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
March, 12th 2020, 3:00 pm | March, 16th 2020, 2:00 am
March 12 - 15, 2020
Spin Time Labs, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

Andrea Bastogi

Andrea Bastogi

Italy Orbetello

Italy, Orbetello
Audio Video Foto Visual Art – Andrea Bastogi - Uhff!

Puff or sigh with pleasure, Uhff! it is the desire to create fun and atmospheres that are sought in substance and make possible a common reality through the contamination between people and musical genres.

“When Andrea Bastogi shows up for a gig, there is a guarantee his performance will be intense, passionate and heartfelt. It will be the product of a life spent broadening his world- wide listening experience, of his experimentation and experience as a consummate photographer creating images powerfully expressing the human condition; it will be the result of acquiring a wealth of technical and manual ability because of his insistence on an impeccable hands-on approach to his art. His transition to video and projection allow him to use dynamic moving images, coupled with sound in an incredibly sensitive and intelligently profound fusion which leaves his audience psychically altered with a sense of communion and
- good vibes.”




  • Friday, 13 March 2020