Program: We love your com-puter

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2013 Mexico
JANUARY 24th - 26th 2013 | Mexico City
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
January, 24th 2013, 3:00 pm | January, 25th 2013, 4:00 am
January 24 - 26, 2013
Cenart, Mexico City Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
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We love your com-puter

AV Performance

Duration: 15 min.

Thursday, 24 January 2013 | 21:36 > 21:51 | Teatro de Las Artes

My work explores from technological interfaces, the operating systems, softwares and other devices involved in the Internet everyday making them my aesthetic material. The existing interest in representing the relationship between humans and machines, poetry and computational science, turn my investigation in to a experimental work where the machine is expressing itself, as a kind of hyperbolic reflection of their world, first of all as an performative action where the value is the human action in pursuit of error, the unexpected, creating a meeting point between the human, the machine, the error and the undeniable desire of poetic beauty.

The Glitches or errors make the more human, simpler and closer to us. In art, these errors can be aesthetic wonders, the results obtained from the multiple export filters and synthesizers, create beautiful sound or visual textures. Sometimes the media seems to express itself, with its component elements, processes and codes. Beyond the complex problems of functionality and dysfunctionality that if the nature of the error or some software glitch or transfer processes or data compression this action affects other issues such as the computer metaphor and its relationship with the online identity. This action aims to bring the computer to its maximum capacity and it collapsed to the point where, to continue working, you have to restart the session. The visual of this product will be projected in space while running the action sound, first sound system dysfunction emitted by computer and using software control as Pure Data and data processing performed using as a controller audio touch screen ipod touch connected to the computer via the OSC protocol, a complex dialectic of devices and software that pushes the limits of computer to dysfunction.

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  • we love your computer


  • we love your computer