Edition XVIII May 18th - 21st 2017 | Amsterdam
Live video performers, visual artists and vj meeting
January, 1st 1970, 12:00 am | May, 22nd 2017, 2:00 am
May 18 - 21, 2017
Radion, Amsterdam Netherlands, Amsterdam, Netherlands

As artist with performance

Are you an artist working in the field of live audiovisual performance? Do you wish to take part in the programme of LPM with presentation of your project? Here is what we are looking for:
  • AV performances LPM is interested to any kind of projects that use very different techniques, but at the same time follow a common thread that evolves throughout the day. From video theater to video dance, from live cinema performances to queer culture, from generative music and visuals to live coding.LPM offer to every show 30 minutes.
  • VJ Sets LPM is looking for video wizards wishing to flock to our screens with colors, stories, and visual rhythms in front of more than 10.000 people during the night party. LPM offer to every show 30 minutes.
  • Mapping performancesLPM is interested to any kind of live mapping show that are able to enhance the skill of the performer by revisiting the urban architecture of RADION.LPM offer to every show 30 minutes. MAPPING KIT DOWNLOAD
  • Interactive installationsLPM is interested to installation that use sound, video, touch and movement merged in a common language dedicated to the creation of interactive games and perceptual experiences of meaning and image. Installations are visible during all the duration of the event.LPM can not guarantee the full technical support. No technical support request is welcome.
  • Project showcase If you have a project that in some way involve live video LPM offer 30 minutes on the stage during the Day programme. The project could be a software or hardware, a product or a free stuff, a web site or an app, realized or just an idea.
  • Lecture LPM is interested to offer to participants successful case stories that can be open the minds to the various aspect of live video culture.
  • Workshop Once you submit your proposal, LPM will check the feasibility, once accepted you will be able to end your subscription.
What LPM is offering: Subscription:
  • 1 pass valid for all activities
  • 1 drink per day
  • 1 T-Shirt
  • Slot for your proposal
€ 10,00 Accommodation (optional):
  • 1 bed in rooms for 8 people with bathroom
Price: 30,00 € per person per day Extras (optional):
  • Special prices for the 4 days workshops availables soon.
As artist with performance

ATTENTION!!! The call for proposal is still open. The list of acts include ONLY the submissions approved till today and their schedule will be available soon.
Do you want to be in? click here   PARTICIPATE
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