Program: Electrode 09 preview: MissAnthroPeak Pj

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Electrode 09 preview: MissAnthroPeak Pj MAIN IMAGE

Electrode 09 preview: MissAnthroPeak Pj

DJ Set

Duration: 30 min.

Thursday, 28 May 2009 | 02:00 > 02:00 | VisualArenaDJVJsets

MissAnthroPeak Pj per Electrode 09 preview

MissAnthroPeak pj
is a musical project bounded to the female deejaying experience of Miss Loony & Killignzoe, grew up in the Forteperenestino, Rome.

Miss Loony, aka Jordi & KillingZoe, aka Vale share a strong passion for the electronic music and the contaminations. After a full immersion in the hard techno of the underground parties, has been natural for them going through new sounding universes. Reducing the bpms gave them the chance to create new harmonies and melodies, hard to realize with a 180 bpms speed. It ’s quiet hard to give a picky definition of the music they play. You can recognize the sound of techno, electro, electroclash or breakbeat.

They’ve been, initially, part of Evan Kant pj. Born in the end of the 90s, this has been the first step to shape a project able to put together works and multiple experiences belonged to different individualities from a long time involved in deejing and promoting music events in the roman scene and abroad.

MissAnthroPeak pj, is the natural consequence of the Eva Kant pj’s splitting in different musical projects, that better represent tastes and needs of the djs girls inside it.

MissAnthroPeak Pj has been born in 2006. The main purpose of this new project is to open rooms to the multiple kinds of the Electronic music, in Italy and all over the world. By creating and making musical events such as Shake the Disease and TechnoMantika, Miss Loony & KillingZoe wish to give more space to the female djs and to get used people to unusual musical kinds. A good example of MissAnthroPeak pj working’s way is a breakore night organized in Rome some years ago involving djs from Berlin and a 10 years free party’s brainstorm.

MissAnthroPeak pj is promoter of Electrode, Independent Electronic Music Festival, taking place in the Forteprenestino. The festival represent the heart and the essence of the project. The chance to share visual and musical spaces, the contact extended to all the electronic music’s realities of the underground scene, is the most satisfying experience for the organizers and hoping for the audience.


Independent Electronic Music Festival
Friday the 12nd

& Saturday the 13rd

of June 2009

We invite you all to join us for the 4th edition of Electrode, Independent Electronic Music Festival, born thanks to the powerful joint venture of different music’s projects working in the roman scene such as MissAnthroPeak, Sonic Visioner, Truckstop76th, 00 Nowhere, Urban Pressure. From the very beginning the main purpose of the festival has been to put together the most interesting kinds of Electronic music (elettro, techno, d’n’b, techouse, break beat and more) in an amazing and unique open air dance hall.

In the 2 days of the event we will see switching on the stage some of the most appealing roman and international djs. Of course, we want you to enjoy the festival and being up to create new and original contaminations, giving you emotions and the chance to set your senses free in this huge dancing party.

The last 3 editions of the Festival have been a big success; thousand people crossed the tunnels of the Forteprenestino, choosing each time the arena to get inside their favourite music.

The Festival hosted many international djs, just thinking about some of them such as the berliner queen Ellen Allien. Ivan Smagghe, Resident Evil, Acid Junkies, ai Motor, Ed Rush, The Drama Society, Vitalic, Dexter, RawtekkfeatEisblume, Br1 and so on.

The scenery is the perfect one created by the two open air arenas of the Forteprenestino; always been the privileged place for each kind of musical’s expressions, that can be performed in an amazing surroundings nature. This year we will have the pleasure to have guests such as Anthony Rother, Antipop Consortium, Extrawelt, Far too Loud, Rude66, Mick Wills and more.

Conferences and workshops will start each days up the Festival from the aperitif time going on till the break of day.