Program: Make your Vj Controller, Arduino meets Resolume [100+60€]

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Make your Vj Controller, Arduino meets Resolume [100+60€] MAIN IMAGE

Make your Vj Controller, Arduino meets Resolume [100+60€]


Duration: 16h min.

Thursday, 27 May 2010 | 18:00 > 18:00
Friday, 28 May 2010 | 18:00 > 18:00
Saturday, 29 May 2010 | 18:00 > 18:00 | Learning

MAKE YOUR VJ CONTROLLER [Arduino Meets Resolume] workshop

Duration: 4 days

Costo: € 100,00 + € 60.00 Kit Arduino

Instructors: Allume + collaborators (Kobon, Costa) Turin/Mila,n Italy

Workshop Presentation: Arduino meets ResolumePresented by Davide Gomba with the help of Alberto Massa.

Four days of Arduino basic programming. A kit is provided within the workshop, with an Arduino board, a breadboard and some other sensor-oriented components. The purpose of the workshop is to give an Arduino overview and leave the participants with some (different) ways to talk to mainstream programs like (but not only) Resolume 3.

Serial, Midi, OSC. Arduino is a tool which requires both an electronic and a programming skill: we'll give you a little push to start hacking around fea market of your city to build the Perfect Vj Controller. The participants can bring some electronic junk to be hacked during the workshop


Introduction/presentation: what is Arduino. What does OpenSource Hardware mean. What is going to be. What people have done with Arduino. 3-4 hours


The alphabet of Arduino. The basics of programming. The 5 simplest things you can do with Arduino. 3-4 hours


More complex Sensors: HD scratch-tables and other things you can take out from the Junk. Cannibalizing broken controllers (if any). Multiplexing analog or digital input to have more buttons or knobs. 3-4 hours


Playing around with what came out from the workshop. Recap. Notes. Evaluation. Codes and resources will be left to the participants on some digital medium. 3-4 hours

Course will be held in English. Italian will be tolerated ;)

What to bring:

• Laptop.

• Some basic tools to deal with elecronics would help you (cutting little wires, dealing with very little thing: magnifying lenses, pliers, a digital multimeter)

Most of the tools are going to be brought from the organizers