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LPM Live Performers Meeting 2013 Cape Town
Edition XIV November 13th - 16th 2013 | Cape Town
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
November, 13th 2013, 3:00 pm | November, 17th 2013, 4:00 am
November 13 - 16, 2013
City Hall, Cape Town South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa

the grrrl

the grrrl

South Africa Cape Town

South Africa, Cape Town
The Grrrl is an award winning animation director for her motion graphic design studio IIIEIIIE by day, and VJ by night.
“I interpret music with visuals, I paint with light. I animate and create visual effects for film and commercials and I am a visual architect for events.”
The Grrrl started VJ-ing in 2000 for African Dope records at the launch of their first album, ‘Acid Made Me Do It’. From the days of lugging VHS tapes around and mixing on the MX 50 to portable laptopping, mixing mainly on VDMX and now slowly creeping into the world of scratching with Ms Pinky, The Grrrl is playing at parties, album launches, corporate events and places of getting down onto any projectable surface for top SA and international acts.
“I love how an editor uses visuals; weaving them around each other as the vocabulary to tell a story.”
She also creates interactive art installations and three dimensional visual art and has collaborated with artists such as David Shillinglaw (UK) and Indigo (Canada), creating stop motion animations of their works of art.
“I dream in vivid technicolour with crazy story lines. Real life and the great artists all around me all add another dimension to my ideas as they flow forth.”
Bands / DJ outfits played with:
Krushed & Sorted - as opening act for Etienne de Grecy (FR), Moodphase5, Kalahari Surfers, Constructus Corporation, Felix Laband,
The Real Estate Agents, Sweat X, Godessa, Ready D, Goldfish, Roger Goode, Lark, Freshly Ground, Mel Scholz, EJ von Lyrik, Mix n Blend, Closet Snare and Mr Sakitumi & The Grrrl. Also Blackalicious, The Violent Femmes and DJ Gbert on their visit to South Africa.
The Grrrl has toured internationally with:
Zong (RUN), Interlope (F), Constructus Corporation, Moodphase5, Felix Laband, Kalahari Surfers, Mr Sakitumi, Mix n Blend, Closet Snare, Krushed & Sorted.
“When playing live I follow the mood of the music and the crowd. Sometimes I like adding little stories and thoughts but at other times, simple shapes and colours work best.”
The Grrrl has performed at:
The Cape Town Jazz festival (SA), Oppikoppi (SA), Origin Festival (SA), Earthdance (SA), Pukkelpop (Belgium), Festival du Sud (france), HangART 7 (Austria), The Blue Frog (India), Sakifo (Reunion) and various clubs all over SA, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Reunion Island.
Currently she is working on animating a short story developed by her and Mr Sakitumi (Sean Ou Tim), which is performed live as part of an art installation. This comes after the release of the music video for Mr Sakitumi’s Jungle Jimmy earlier in 2012, which was was conceptualized, shot, directed and edited by The Grrrl.
“The idea was that fun handmade characters are woken by moving to the beat; this makes the world come to life, which is a collective Jungle Jim: Macro and micro cosmos mirroring our collective unconscious awakening in a fun and colourful way.”
The Grrrl is an idealistic dreamer. She uses her visual art to bring emotion onto
dance floors and tell stories through images and the play of light.
She is able to be involved at a festival at any level :
Creating and pre-producing corporate animations and motion graphics for the entire event (IIIEIIE created all visual content for SA’s Advertising Award Show opening night 2010), participate in workshops of a technical or creative level , live installations and artworks, collaborate as a VJ for other musicians creating custom visuals.
“I love motion graphics because of the endless possibilities of look and feel and how they add another dimension to any visual element. It is like a dialect or accent that adds flourish to any spoken word and can change the meaning and the language itself.”
THE GRRRL Press Quotes:
"When it comes to visuals, The Grrrl is by far one of the front runners in South Africa. Not only does she grasp the overall feel of a project, her professionality speaks for itself." - Jean Jordaan, MK.
"I couldn't imagine a Mr Sakitumi gig without The Grrrl - her visuals compliment the music perfectly, and interact with the crowd on a different level. They make the perfect team!" - Vicky Jankiewicz, SA Music Scene.
"The Grrrl’s abilities as a visual artist blows my mind. There is lightheartedness to her visual
creations – but it’s always thoroughly thought through and precise. She’s fond of storytelling and she tries to weave it through that which she creates – she not only succeeds in doing that, but she also succeeds in blowing life into her creations. Not just life, but something very real. She’s the type of visual artist that will drive one to get all philosophical about art and life and motion and music and and and!" - Sune Lotter, MK.
"The Grrrl’s conceptual mentality as a whole is a marvel. Having that level of creative thinking and being able to make those projections tangible is a gift few have possessed." - Craig Steyn, EuroTrashMusic.



  • Saturday, 16 November 2013