Program: AV node

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2014 Eindhoven
Edition XV June 26th - 28th 2014 | Eindhoven
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
March, 26th 2014, 12:44 pm | June, 29th 2014, 4:00 am
June 26 - 28, 2014
StrijpS, Eindhoven Netherlands, Eindhoven, Netherlands

AV node

Project showcase

Duration: 15 min.

Thursday, 26 June 2014 | 17:20 > 17:35 | Meeting room

The official presentation of the new network of AV festivals
AVnode is an international network of artists and professionals organizing festivals and/or working in the fields of audiovisual live performances.


Athens Video Art Festival (GR)

B-Seite Festival (DE)

Centras Festival (LT)

Cimatics (BE)

Dancity Festival (IT)

Fiber Festival (NL)

Freemote (NL)

Kernel Festival (IT)

LPM - Live Performers Meeting (IT)

Lunchmeat (CZ)

Mira Festival (ES)

Patch: Audio_Visual_Lab (PL)

Playground AV (AU)

Punto y Raya Festival (ES)

Resonate (RS)

RoBOt Festival (IT)

Robots and Avatars (UK)

Share Festival (IT)

Simultan Festival (RO)

Toolkit Festival (IT)

Video Hack Space (UK)

Video Sound Art Festival (IT)

Vision'r (FR)

Vj Torna (HU)