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LPM Live Performers Meeting 2013 Mexico
JANUARY 24th - 26th 2013 | Mexico City
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
January, 24th 2013, 3:00 pm | January, 25th 2013, 4:00 am
January 24 - 26, 2013
Cenart, Mexico City Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico



Mexico Mexico City

Mexico, Mexico CityMexico, Mexico City
Moisés Regla Demaree.
New media artist born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, he studied visual arts at the UNAM in Mexico City and the University of Morelos, majoring in multimedia. His work ranges from videoart to installations to live performances, mixing visual arts with different disciplines like dance, theater, sound art and performance. His work has been shown in different countries like Spain, Canada, USA, Colombia and Mexico, and has been featured in exhibitions and museums such as the Reina Sofía in Madrid and the Exteresa Arte Actual in Mexico City.

In 2006 he approaches to dance creating a show involving architects, musicians, and dancers from the Delfos company in Mazatlan.

In 2007 he founded the multimedia performance group “Verbobala” that makes international presentations and workshops.

Since 2009 he constantly works on proposals with dance and new media with choreographer Marcos Rossi from the Foramen M Ballet Company. In the summer of 2010 he is invited to Guillermo Gómez Peña´s workshop in Oaxaca making his interest grow in the human body as an artistic tool.

He frequently does live video for music festivals and makes motion graphics and post-production for films.

Francisco Eme
Composer and sound artist. He has worked in different fields of sound and music, such as sound art, sound performance, concert music, music for dance, theatre, films, video perormance, and interactivity. He has participated in international festivals of digital art, theater, dance and contemporary music, such as the Festival Internacional Cervantino, in Guanajuato, Mexico 2009, the sound art festival IN-SONORA V in Barcelona, Spain 2009, Mexico 2010 arts festival in Czech Republic, amongst others. Founder of the improvisation group “ Artificios” with performances all around México. He is working as a composer full time and as a professor of electronic music composition at a University in México.


  • Thursday, 24 January 2013