Artists: Katia Vonna Beltran

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2019 Rome
Edition XX May 2nd - 5th 2019 | Rome
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
May, 2nd 2019, 3:00 pm | May, 5th 2019, 2:00 am
May 2 - 5, 2019
Mattatoio, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

Katia Vonna Beltran

Katia Vonna Beltran


Photographer, visual and video artist, performer, self-taught and passionate. Katia Vonna Beltran returns, in a reflexive way, on her use of photography in an original performative device of contemporary fairground theater which stages images of social resistance. This device, which is part of an immersive and poetic Live Cinema process, invites us to dive into the nebula of our deepest thoughts, where the intimate and the public mingle, in a concern, to paraphrase the good word of Godard, to create politically and not to make political creation.
At each performance, I open my suitcase, like Bachelard's box (Poetics of space, 1957) and let the images escape like so many accumulated memories: a slow dance of video surveillance cameras can then begin, staging these images of resistance and artivist struggles in the public space, so many visions that have nourished my life for the past thirty years. My point is that art allows here a recomposition of the world that goes in the direction of Latour et al (2015): we must (re)compose a new common world. If the glance is multiple, if one operates a "difraction", the world which takes shape is different: there is a joint displacement of the objects of the investigation, of what is looked at, and of the way of producing knowledge." (Gardey, 2007).

After a master's degree in ethnology at the Sorbonne, 1994, I travelled and trained in analog photography in Barcelona, 1995. As a singular artist, I start from myself, from what surrounds me, with my experience of ethnographic tools and my own photographic expression. I use the I, I don't use codes, I don't fit into boxes, I can be the pebble in the shoe, the one of those who force the stop. This time out is so necessary in our fast-paced, one-size-fits-all societies where all disparity must tend to disappear. I question our view of the world and propose a dialogue with an audience. My performances are in real time and are conceived with the help of a small Live Cinema factory called Yvonne le théâtre d'objets. I use analogue tools and materials, including everyday objects, papers, photographs, optics and lenses, all mixed together in real time, to produce optical illusions and visual effects in the service of a narrative.

Before that, I was working as a photographer and video artist in various fields of street art. Very early on, I became involved in the world of squatting, of occupying private and public spaces to live and make art. I learned from the makers (Lallemant), the hakers, in spaces where we enter into resistance or resonance with those around us. This project was born following a European truck tour in 2017 and 2018, and was then finalised in Berlin in 2019. I was then able to perform on different improvisation stages and various Festivals in Europe.


Vj set, LPM, festival VJ, June, Rome
Live Cinema performance, june, Montluçon.
VJ, Anthéa, march , Antibes
Installation participative, Mamac, mach,Nice,
VJ, soirée Uno di Noï L’Entrepont, march, Nice

Live Cinema solo, Cinéma Le Mérou Palace, octobre, Graulhet, France
Live Cinema solo, Bonjour Brno, Alliance Française, september, Brno,
48H Neukölln, june, Berlin
Plankton TV, puppet movie may and june, Berlin
Vj, Controverse Virtuelle, Le Hublot, march, Nice

Live Cinema, Villa Kuriosum, december, Berlin
Live Cinema, Goethe institute, october, Izmir Turquey
Népomuk, Reclaim the street, september, Berlin
Live Cinema Family and Népomuk, , february, Barcelona

Live Cinema, july, Berlin
Vj set, Mess – Tival, july, Berlin
Vj set, june, Champagne Fleury, Courteron, Aube
Live Cinema, Nuit des musées, Musée International Jakovski, mai, Nice
Live Cinema, may, Dance Festival,Munchen
Live Cinema, Oooh Festival, may, London
Live Performers Meeting, Vj set, may, Rome
Live Cinema, Nova Cinéma, april Bruxelles
Vj set, Karnasouk, march Paris
Live Cinema, Neon Kunst Gallery, march Berlin
Vj set, Entrepont, january Nice.

Live Cinema, Barbour Gallery, december, Jerusalem
Live Cinema, Oooh Festival, Zimmer, december, Tel Aviv
Vj set, Cabaret Sauvage, december,, Paris
Réalisations audivisuelles, Radio Lab Paris, november, Paris
Vj set, New River Studio, october, London
Workshop, Little Angel theater, october, London
Live Cinema, Oooh Festival, Petersburg Art Place, september, Berlin
Reportage photographique, Oooh Festival, july, Ragusa Ibla
Atelier initiation Live Cinema, Museo Mare Memoria Viva, june, Palermo
Objects Theater, Piccolo Teatro, june Ragusa Ibla
Objects Theater, Le Pigeonnier, february, Nice

Yvonne va au bal, work shop Live Cinema, La Bigaille, November,Marennes Oleron
Yvonne va au bal, La Fonderie, Nuit blanche, octobre, Fontenay sous bois.
Residency, RAW, september, Berlin
Isidore, screening cinema with a bike, summer, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Serbia.
Georges, le Vidéomaton, Parc des pré alpes d’azur, july, Thorrenc
Residency / workshop, primary schhool, mai, Bras
Residency, february, Montreuil

Lipibyou, Vjing set, festival « Concert chez moi », july, Nice
Pretext, Faïdo dance company, Oostblock theater, june, Amsterdam
Ligne16, déambulatoire de rue, June, Nice
Pretext, Faïdo dance company, residency Glasslaven, april, Norway
Pretext, Faïdo dance company, Chaos teatro, february, Torino
Pretext, Faïdo dance company, residency, Le Hublot, january, Nice
Documentary maker, all the year, Nice

Pretext, Faïdo dance company, residency, november, Amsterdam
Yvonne Tour, Nakladove Nadrazi Zizkov, august, Prague
Yvonne Tour, Papel Rey, august, Berlin
Yvonne Tour, Harmonium, july, Bruxelles
Yvonne Tour, Le Jardin d’Alice, july, Paris
Yvonne Tour, Ma Cave Fleury, july, Paris
Yvonne va au bal, Botox, Le Hublot, may, Nice
Yvonne va au bal, Le Hublot, april, Nice
Documentary maker, all the year, Nice

Festival, Le Fil Eclectik, november & december, Nice
Isidore, le VéloProjo, street screening with a bike, Sept Off, Photography Festival, october, Nice
Georges, le Vidéomaton, april, Mouans Sartoux
Huitaine Cinématique, Cartoon decor creation, january, Nice
Ligne16, le média citoyen de l’Ariane. Nice

Le Labomatik, Performances, Nice
Marguerite, the tiny cinema space for 10 people to see movies in the gardens.
Création d'un média citoyen participatif au sein du quartier de l'Ariane , Nice,
48H de Neukölln, festival june, Berlin

Georges, le Vidéomaton
48H de Neukölln, festival, june, Berlin

2007 / 2011
I developed projects for short films, documentaries and artistic intervention in public space.
I participated in many projects and creations with people in difficulty and excluded from access to culture.

2000 / 2007
Back in Nice, I created my photography workshop in 2000 at Les Diables Bleus and made my first videos. With other artists, we are undertaking the creation of Télé GlouGlou, a concept of offbeat and festive video broadcast which will be programmed at the street theater festival of Siacreries in Carros/2007.
I also participated in the organization of several street performances like “L’art des Places”.
I moved to Paris in 1993, exhibited portraits and produced photographic reports for fanzines. Performances.