Artists: LED

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2021 Apulia
Edition XXII August 26th - 29th 2021 | Apulia
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
August, 26th 2021, 3:00 pm | May, 30th 2021, 2:00 am
August 26 - 29, 2021
Fattizze+D'Arneo, Apulia Italy, Apulia, Italy



Colombia Bogotá, Spain Barcelona

Colombia, BogotáSpain, Barcelona
Designer, Artivist, Cultural Manager, Producer, Communicator, Philosopher, Digital Artist, Vj.

Passionate about the visual arts, new media and technologies, and the discourses and concepts of contemporary philosophy and politics, LED develops, investigates and experiments with new ways of producing images and spaces where these elements are articulated.
During his studies in Graphic Design, Digital Arts and Communication, he defines "the digital" as the adequate support for his artistic creation and practice; then he began his activity in veejing, video art, post-photography, video installation, interactivity and digital illustration. He created, more than 10 years ago, the design studio 4N Design (art, technology and communication design) from where he works with projects related to strategic communication, brand development and branding and the design of media and communication pieces.

Later and as a consequence of his studies in contemporary philosophy, he proposes discourses that invite reflection, social, political, aesthetic or philosophical from the audiovisual arts, he is actively involved with artivism.

His work has been exhibited and recognized in various group shows in Colombia, Spain, France, Norway and Sweden. He has integrated his visual work with performing arts such as contemporary dance, theater and music. He has made video mixing in real time (VJsets) and elaborated visual sets, video installations, for big music festivals in Colombia, local and international bands, concerts and electronic parties.

As a complement to his roles as creator and designer, LED works in the production and management of cultural spaces for Bogotá and Colombia that, through artivism and its management, strengthen the political, historical and social identities of citizens.

Director of the Studio of Art, Design, Technology and Communication 4NDESING (2009 - 2020).
Director and producer of the platform for digital arts and new media V2B (2014 - 2020).
Administrator and manager of the VjBooking Colombia platform (2016 - 2020).
Co-director, co-producer, co-curator and leader of the academic module of the Bogotá Experimental Film Festival (2017 - 2020).
Member of the board of directors of the DESIGN cluster of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce CCB (2018 - 2020)
Producer and Curator of the Battle of VJs Colombia (2017 - 2020).
Partner and Co-producer of the FAD Festival of Art and Decoloniality in Bogotá (2018 - 2020).
Member of the TOPLAP Bogotá (LiveCoding) community (2018 - 2020).
Member of the TouchDesigner Colombia community (2018 - 2020).
Co-Creator and Leader Artivist of the collective M.O.V.I.I.E Organized Movement Video Image Intervention and Emergency (2019 - 2020).
Visual and multimedia artist of the interdisciplinary collective of the arts and the body CARNExperimento. (2020)
Active member of the foundation for audiovisual arts CINELIBERTAD. (2020)
Co-Director and Artivist of the MA.S.A. Movement (Audiovisual Social Manifestation) (2020)