Program: A Stubborn Illusion

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2022 Rome
Edition XXIII June 9th - 12th 2022 | Rome
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
June, 9th 2022, 3:00 pm | June, 12th 2022, 2:00 am
June 9 - 12, 2022
Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy
A Stubborn Illusion MAIN IMAGE

A Stubborn Illusion

AV Performance

Duration: 4:20 min.

Sunday, 12 June 2022 | 21:20 > 21:24 | Room 2

This audiovisual work deals with the concept of non-linearity of time and Entropy. It tries to escape from our usual way of thinking about time as something unidirectional. Time flow is not only relative in the theoretical physics, it is in our psychological perception as well.

The sound elements of acoustic instruments in rhythmic counterpoint are manipulated through electroacoustics processes, to achieve a sense of disorder and discrepancy in the system. The same behaviour is reflected in the graphical side of the work, in which increasing distortions and disturbances influence the movements of a particle system.

What if past, present and future were flowing simultaneously?
The third part of the work is an attempt of audiovisual representation of such a simultaneous time-flow, in which all the compositional elements re-settle into a different system where everything happens simultaneously in any direction of time: a universe where the notions of past, present and future lose their meaning.


  • Excerpts from A Stubborn Illusion


  • A Stubborn Illusion