LPM Live Performers Meeting 2011 Rome
MAY 19th 22nd 2011 Nuovo Cinema Aquila Rome, Italy
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
May, 19th 2011, 10:59 am |
May 19 - 22, 2011
Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy


Nuovo Cinema Aquila
Via L’Aquila 68 00176 – Roma

LPM takes place at the Nuovo Cinema Aquila, a multi-purpose cultural space dedicated to cinema and visual arts, returned to the city after the recent renovation, sponsored by the Comune di Roma.
Venue consists of three floors, connected by a sight staircase, and includes three cinema halls set up with the highest technological standards, to provide the public with a comfortable and optimal fruition.
The internal volume is enhanced by a foyer with a balcony in steel and glass, that overlooks the ground floor atrium, accessible from the main entrance in Via L’Aquila.
On the ground floor there is also a lift, handicap facilities, the ticket office, a bar and the largest cinema hall with a capacity of about 180 people.
Other two cinema halls are located on the second floor, providing a overall capacity of 150 seats.

INTERNAL // FIRST FLOOR – ROOM 1 (capacity 180)
The parterre with 180 seats, face directly the stage below the maxi screen normally used for film screenings.
During LPM, the room will be set up with six screens, two on the sides of the maxi screen, and another two for each of the side walls of the room.
The room is equipped with a digital stereoscopic projection system with 3D projector CHRISTIE CP 2000 M, 13000 lumens, server QuVIS Cinema Player 2K/3D and decoding and rendering system 3D X-PAND with rechargeable active glasses.
The audio is supported by the server via a digital output, 6 analog audio converters connected to the DOLBY CP650 processor.
Speakers are all JBL Cinema Series.

The foyer of the Nuovo Cinema Aquila is an open space illuminated by the large windows on Via L’Aquila.
Located on the mezzanine, is a crossing place for access to rooms on the second floor, but also a neutral space, an area in which the viewer is not related to the concept of polarized vision, typical of movie theater with fixed seating.
For this reason it is especially suited to the realization of speechs, panel discussions, showcases, where the freedom of living the space and the interaction with the public are essential.
The foyer has a technological equipment of three plasma screens, permanently set up on the front wall of the stairway access.

INTERNAL / / SECOND FLOOR – ROOM 2 & ROOM 3 (capacity 73 + 77)
Rooms two and three are very similar, they only differ in a small amount of seats.
Both halls will be set up with two screens on the side of the screen normally used for film screenings.
The room two is equipped with a DIGITAL PROJECTION Projector, 7000 lumens, 1280x720p, 3 chip DLP.
The room three instead, with a NEC NP 4001 Projector, 4500 lumen, 1280x768p, 1 chip DLP.
The audio is supported by the server via a digital output, 6 analog audio converters connected to the DOLBY CP650 processor.
The speakers are all JBL Cinema Series.



  • 2 projecteurs vidéo CHRISTIE 35.000 ANSI/lumen
  • 2 projecteur vidéo CHRISTIE CP 2000 M 13.000 ANSI/lumen
  • 2 video projectors 10.000 ANSI/lumen
  • 10 video projectors 5000 ANSI/lumen
  • 3 VMS video projectors 3000  ANSI/lumen
  • 3 video consolle
  • 1 video mixer Edirol 1600 HD
  • 2 vieo mixer Edirol V440
  • 3 video mixer Edirol V8
  • Cables VGA/DVI/SDI


  • 3 DJ mixer
  • 6 CDJ
  • 4 Technics 1200
  • 5000 watt indoor audio system


  • WI-FI