Program: Present Girl

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2012 Rome
MAY 31th - JUNE 3rd 2012 | Rome, Italy
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
May, 31st 2012, 3:00 pm | June, 1st 2012, 4:00 am
May 31 - June 3, 2012
Alpheus, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy
Present Girl MAIN IMAGE

Present Girl

AV Performance

Duration: 30 min.

Sunday, 03 June 2012 | 19:44 > 20:14 | Room 6

The other day I took a Taxi. The driver was little Cambodian guy. In very nice, asiatic way he said:
- what happen to You? is it that You are just sick and it will come back, You know?
- no it's forever. Maybe... but for the moment it's forever.
- Oh I cannot express my emotion to that what happend to You.
- it's very kind of You, but You know it's very nice because You can SEE what happens to me and You give me Your compassion, but You know, there is much more people much more wounded then me and You see nothing, and they receive no compassion.
The little guy is in silence, and then he said:
- Monsieur, I understand very well what You said, because my wife and my four children were killed in front me in Cambodia.

Hugues de Montalembert "Black Sun"


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