Artists: Leaving the Planet

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2013 Rome
Edition XIII May 23rd - 26th 2013 | Rome
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
May, 23rd 2013, 3:00 pm | May, 27th 2013, 4:00 am
May 23 - 26, 2013
Brancaleone, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

Leaving the Planet

Leaving the Planet

Austria Linz, Taiwan

Austria, LinzTaiwan,
Leaving the Planet is a surreal audio-visual journey. It leaves behind the rules of the body and explores into unknown places of the mind. Both sound and visuals are played live and in real-time, making use of experimental interfaces.

IDM/Drone sound with instrumental parts, abstract sound design and field recordings combined with a mix of macro and time-lapse video, such as real-time generated 3D graphics heavily play with the associations of the audience and at the same time generate new ones.

Topics such as globalization, war, overpopulation, resource problems, capitalism, pollution of the planet, technology, the body, gender, inner and outer perception, life and death are covered in an transcendental and subconscious way.

The head of Leaving the Planet is David Gann. He is a freelancing artist and scientist, working with VVVV and Max/Msp. Some might know him as tekcor from the VVVV, Monome or IDMf community.

You will also find Dorian Butzer on stage. Coming from a lyrical background, he is the texter and the voice of Leaving the Planet. In Addition, he fires his epic e-guitar through complex send chains.