VJ Torna

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2013 Rome
Edition XIII May 23rd - 26th 2013 | Rome
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
May, 23rd 2013, 3:00 pm | May, 27th 2013, 4:00 am
May 23 - 26, 2013
Brancaleone, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

VJ Torna

VJ Torna is a world touring VJ contest which offers an inspiring and entertaining experience for both live video practitioners and the general audience. The first competition was organised in 2004 in Budapest, with the aim of gathering artists from the local and the international VJ scene, and since 2011 the VJ Torna team has joined LPM to offer this inspiring experience to our international community. Three days of battles among VJs, an international jury of experts, three categories Pre-production, VJ Battle and Best Live Mapper, an Audience Award and technical sponsors who put their products up for grabs.

You can find detailed information about the VJ Torna on the dedicated website: www.vjtorna.org

VJ Torna


home grown category
Do you want to take part to the Vj Competition even if you can't be physically present at the Meeting? This is the right category for you! Competition is reserved to singles and crew, submitted work's length is not more than 6 minutes and we only accept registrations with proper uploads done right in broadcast quality as gallery on your performance during the subscription steps. The winners will be selected by the audience through online votes. The voting will close just 2 hours before the Award Ceremony. The meeting organizers will notify everyone about the results of the pre-selection process at the Award Ceremony. Jury: Laki Laszlo (VJ Torna) Gianluca Del Gobbo (LPM, FLxER) Andrea Sztojanovits (Cinetrip) (tba) First Prize: Madmapper License + Resolume Avenue License + TextMachine 3D License + Vj Torna Award LPM_VJTORNA_premi_PreProd_1 Second Prize: Modul8 License + Mapio2lite + TextMachine 3D 3D License LPM_VJTORNA_premi_PreProd_2 Third Prize: CoGe Single User License + TextMachine 3D License LPM_VJTORNA_premi_PreProd_3 PARTICIPATE


live category
The challenge of the Vj Battle is awaiting the combative video wizards, who volunteer to:
  • engage in a battle against another opponent. The two will be going live simultaneously onto a split screen in front of the crowd.
  • work with video by their own video materials.
  • vj battle will take place at the stage during the night in party atmosphere. The music will be selected by the DJ.
We would welcome groups of maximum 2 people or individuals who display their creativity and technical skills in a 6 minute live battle in front of the audience and the jury. For entering this category, you should first apply for Pre-production category, after the jury select 16 of you who can come and play live. Jury: Laki Laszlo (VJ Torna) Gianluca Del Gobbo (LPM, FLxER) Andrea Sztojanovits (Cinetrip) (tba) First Prize: Resolume License + Modul8 License + Vezér License + Numark Orbit MIDI controller + VJ Torna Award LPM_VJTORNA_premi_VjBattle_1 Second Prize: Madmapper License + Vezér License LPM_VJTORNA_premi_VjBattle_2 Third Prize: CoGe Single User License + Vezér License LPM_VJTORNA_premi_VjBattle_3   PARTICIPATE


live category
We’re looking for applications from those who would like to make out or indoor live visual mapping show. The length of the show is 20 minutes per applicant and is required to be performed live with the music from DJ Seal. For entering this category, you should first send a 1 minute mapping mix work, with a blue print given after the call for proposal is close, then the jury will select 8 of you who can come and play live. We only accept registrations which will respond to the submission form steps:
  1. full informations required
  2. proper uploads of the gallery required to submit your performance
  3. proper uploads done in broadcast quality
Jury: Laki Laszlo (VJ Torna) Gianluca Del Gobbo (LPM, FLxER) Andrea Sztojanovits (Cinetrip) (tba) First prize: MadmapperLicense + Millumin 2 Computer License + Livid Instruments Base MIDI controller + VJ Torna Award LPM_VJTORNA_premi_BestLM_1 Second prize: Mapio2Pro Modul8 License + Resolume License LPM_VJTORNA_premi_BestLM_2 Third prize: CoGe Single User License + Mapio2lite LPM_VJTORNA_premi_BestLM_3 PARTICIPATE

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