Artists: Francesco Baiocchi

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2013 Rome
Edition XIII May 23rd - 26th 2013 | Rome
Audio Visual Performing Artists Meeting
May, 23rd 2013, 3:00 pm | May, 27th 2013, 4:00 am
May 23 - 26, 2013
Brancaleone, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

Francesco Baiocchi

Francesco Baiocchi

Italy Abbadia San Salvatore

Italy, Abbadia San Salvatore
Francesco Baiocchi was born in Abbadia S. Salvatore (Si) March 22, 1982, the son of a kindergarten teacher and a skilled worker with a great artistic flair to any kind of visual art: sculpture, painting, drawing. The father around the age of forty (when Francis has ten) will begin to devote himself to art and make this their work.

A love of art Baiocchi the family that has its roots also in past generations, with a loving grandfather, also it sculpture. From an early age, then, Francis comes into contact with this environment, attending exhibitions and art competitions, in which the father participated frequently.

By his parents, both lovers of culture, Francesco also receive an education based on literature and music. This will prove then the 'other great passion of Baiocchi, who since the age of ten years, is going to study classical guitar at first attending music courses municipal and then continuing with the study of self-taught guitar acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums

Despite their artistic skills will attend the High School, never put aside the art world.
Later in high school, and after a period of indecision, he enrolled first at the Faculty of Cultural Heritage, film and theater at the University of Siena, then philosophy at Florence, where he graduated in 2008. These are the years in which along with the study of Philosophy Francis continues in parallel with painting and music. It will be after graduation will begin to devote himself entirely to his artistic gifts, devoting more time to music and painting.

The painting of Francis, acrylic on canvas, expresses a real movement where the cards represent computer systems and their components electronic moving sinuously on the canvas to create urban landscapes that generate, in turn, real worlds. The memory of printed electronics is given by 'use of vibrant yellows with which the artist depicts precise lines that are nothing more than the pure energy of communication. The colors shining and brilliant fit into real conflict, which tend to a harmonious composition.

In some works the radiant colors of the electronic components are flanked by flowers, orchids, how to remember the importance and beauty of the aesthetic wonders of the natural world, a reality that should not be overlooked or neglected, so to arrive at a fair use of the new powerful means of communication, so that the new capillary network landings in political attitudes, economic edge and characterized by a greater awareness and respect for the individual and the individual and the community (social, natural, ecologistico).

It is in this continuous motion that the energy is represented as a form of the same communication. And it is in the mutation of the forms, which occurred due to the use of complex computer systems and media and media such as the Internet, which you create a new perception of the world, information, a simultaneity of images, video, writing, and as the Cartesian res extensa invade the globe in real time, creating in turn a universe unto itself.

Francis loves to travel and visit so, being very impressed, places like the Prado in Madrid, the Tate Modern in London, the Dali Museum in Spain, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Despite his observation of the classics the great stimulus to his painting is given by important figures in contemporary art, in fact, after years of Florence in 2010, he moved to Berlin. The charm of this city, as well as the contemporary cultural importance that the German capital is buying over the years, can only increase his artistic stimuli. Will be Berlin's museums such as the Hamburger bahnhof museum to solicit his interest, and in this city, in addition to painting numerous works, the impact of a demo disc overview of his musical project: Project Motherboards representing, through sound, the total view that Francis of art. His music does not break from painting ever, the colors that dominate his paintings, and that is that these ideas take shape during his concerts where the sound is combined with facilities-services. It is true synesthesias, where the music binds to view. This link is made even stronger by the paintings he himself does on stage, just to convey a message of inseparability of his art.

Sounds created, like his paintings, they can not be covered by a current accurate in him are the influences of Pop, of 'Electronic, Experimental Rock and everything is bound to a new trial.

The 'experience of the artist does not abandon his idea of ​​beautiful aesthetics, the pars destruens consists of a reception personal content, to give life to their own pars construens, which consists in finding a methodology always ready to destruction, evolution. This creates a strong impulse iconoclast, a desire for freedom that comprises both on emotional than on rational, representing the suffering and the lack of a safe ground on which to walk. These are the traits which comes thanks to philosophical studies undertaken, where the great minds thinking studied gave the example of a rational, logic and science, without ever arriving at a certain stability, because of the lack of absolute truths . And it is especially the thought at the end of nine hundred that fascinates him, where he tried to establish links between art and logic by bringing the various modes of expression (music-painting and literature). It is the idea of ​​change that dominates the continuous exceeding of the old beliefs, where the search for answers is in vain. His art, therefore, does not want to turn this answers, nor reveal truth, but goes to the emotional, facing loneliness produced by rational thought, and instead, the possible avenues to pursue, ways that open the imagination of Francis, as real own images, made in canvas and then accompanied by his music. The artist's universe is populated by expanding ideas and forms that are transported in his paintings with vitality and dynamism. The base from which part is black, the first color that caresses his canvas, and from it developed the worlds of bright colors, creating a real tendency to rework a 'amalgam of ideas. The pigments energetic, fresh, trying to resolve the tangle of ideas, images, memories. The emotions are the true protagonists of these baths of color, sometimes the forms are displayed and transported other hand, are a pure gesture of expression that leads to abstract traits.

Francesco Baiocchi, since little lives immersed in the world of 'art (studying music, first at municipal schools, then self-taught) and parallel cultivating a love for the painting and the visual arts. The project finally takes the body after a degree in Philosophy, awarded at the 'University of Florence, when Francis continues to write music and paint full time. The meeting of the different languages ​​of contemporary art, contemporary music, and contemporary philosophy that lead in one multimedia project. The images and paintings created as conceptual elaboration of electronic components, motherboards of computers, printed circuit boards, which transform and evolve in landscapes and urban agglomerations. The music structure of electronic databases, which settles on the song structures through non-ordinary (samples of different instruments and sounds, overdubs, poly-rhythmic structures, synthesizers that blend with the traditional tools of contemporary rock music). The motherboard, the soul of the computer, it becomes a cornerstone of the musical project. The inorganic processor becomes half and even subject of the composition by means of a real intrinsic spirit. Thanks to a 'processing computer graphics paintings are transformed into video art, and during the performances, soul silhouettes of musicians. In a short time the paintings come presented in solo exhibitions, group and in major galleries, finding excellent feedback and critical acclaim, until, very soon, a listing. The entire painting project / musical / philosophical, is very versatile
appreciated in clubs, small clubs, parties etc. The first musical recordings, as well as the first paintings are itaiane productions. Following the transfer of 2010 in Germany (Berlin) Recording a Demo (album of 8 tracks) in the studio, thanks to the collaboration of the Berlin musician and producer Alan Vichi. The approach and the tendency of the compositions remain experimental, accepting, modifying and overturning, all aspects of rock, pop, electronic. Even the art of painting, thanks to the influence of the environment culture
Berlin (which nowadays houses the greatest artists of the contemporary scenario) undergoes a great change, being able to fit into a much more cosmopolitan. Scenarios
metropolitan already unfolded on canvas, adds and strengthens the memory of Berlin.
Francis, bringing the project forward Motherboards, either alone or in groups, performing in various environments, combining also exhibitions, video projections, audio-visual performances and live painting in the evenings. Once back in Italy with music training stabilizes the composition Baiocchi, electric guitar, computer, voice and video art, Stephen Strong on bass and Fabio Outlines the drum machine. The three had previous musical experience having played together in the trio ìsdottir, a band of psychedelic rock and experimental music (up to 2005).
The success and appreciation grow progressively through music and art, as very original.